Sunday, June 07, 2009

OK is a long way from Northern IL!

We made it down to OK with no incidents. We left about 9am and didn't get there until about 1am. It was a long day! But we had 4 drivers with the 2 vehicles. We got Holly all moved into her new apartment and then Emily and I flew home the next day. Wheh I was tired! I got to see the St. Louis arch, although it was rainy when we went through there. And we had to stop in Vinita, OK at the one time - World's Largest McDonalds. Nothing too exciting, but it was 10pm and we just needed a stretch. It no longer is the largest since some other countries also claim the largest and there is also another one in Orlando that makes that claim. But the one we stopped at did have a small display about Will Rogers.

I got some more table runners done! This one is for Holly.

And my sister's.

And a small one for my mom's kitchen counter and some mat's made from the leftover triangles!

And look at the tiny birds who flew away the day we got home.

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Mary said...

Keith just flew to St. Louis tonight and I briefly debated going with him but since I'm going to be gone over half of the month already I decided to stay home.

Barb said...

You bring back alot of memories....I know exactly where that Mcdonalds is and have been there several times, as well as St. Louis.

Love the runners.

sossy said...

Those are so cute. Love the watermelon fabric. Good job Dawn!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

HEY you should have told me, we could have met up. I would have driven down by the arch somewhere to meet you.
We went to that same McDonalds on our way out here. We got by it everytime we would visit.
Love the runners.

Libby said...

*yikes* That's a long day of driving . . . glad Holly is getting settled. What an exciting time for her (and the mommy, too *s*)

Jan said...

With everything you have going on, you still get so much done. You amaze me as usual. Wish I had your energy. Love the table runners - so summery. Can't wait to see your new mystery.

Sarah said...

Last year we had to stop in Vinita OK for chicken-fried steak at Clanton's - supposed to be the best anywhere. We got there at 10 am so had to settle for c-f steak with eggs and it was really good.

Susan said...

I just made that same watermelon table runner - same pattern and all! Don't you just love that pattern?