Sunday, September 14, 2008

I"m "down" for a bit....

Just wanted to let you know that I"m "down" from email for a bit! I hadn't been able to get into my email all weekend. I finally called a co-worker to see what was up. Seems our building flooded out in the rain this weekend and they shut down all the servers and electric to our building! So if you are expecting a reply from me - hang in there! I"m hoping we are back up soon!

For a bit of eye candy today I'm giving you a peek of my Hugs and Kisses from the Cat quilt. This quilt will be going to a good friend of mine for Christmas. I have the top done now, but haven't had a chance to get a better pic. Soon I promis!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Screen Door said...

Great colors in this quilt!!!

Darcie said...

You "hang in there, Dawn!" I'll be praying for your safety.

Kathie said...

I love this made all of this at camp?
wow you were productive!
glad you had fun
you needed that weekend away just sewing your little heart out!