Thursday, June 10, 2010

My new pincushion!

Look at the new pincushion I made this week. I really didn't need one, but I just love pincushions! I got the pattern and fabric when I was out at my mom's a few weeks ago! And aren't the pins cute! I got those at the Chicago quilt show.
UPDATE - I meant to do this last night in the post but forgot. Sorry.
The pincushion pattern is by Miss Rosie's! It is called Fruit Salad Pincushions!
The pins are by Just Another Button Company - and they are called Just Pins!

I also worked on some chemo hats. A friend of my sisters has a friend who has a little girl with cancer. She wanted some fun hats to wear but all the "hats" were the same as the other little girls wear to the hospital. So I took one those and ripped it apart to figure out how to make them! They look big though. I don't know why, I used the one they bought as the pattern pieces, so we will see. If nothing else they fit Pooh well!

17 comments from wonderful readers:

PatchworkRose said...

Just love your watermelon and all its decorative pins :-). You looked like you had fun.
Enjoy the weekend

Angela said...

I am sure the chemo hats will be appreciated - the little girl will be so stylish! :o)
Love the little pincushion! I saw a pattern like that in a magazine at the store, but didn't buy it... May have to go back to get it! Yours turned out so cute! And love the pins, too! :o)

Karen said...

Oh, I do like the watermelon pincushion. And the pins are cute, cute. I have never purchased any of those but have thought about it more than once.
Can you tell us who the pattern designer is for the watermelon?

Lori said...

What a terrific thing to make the chemo hats. I hope they fit.:)

Love the pincushion too. We can never have enough.

Rebecca P said...

What a cute pincushion, love the pattern.
The fabrics for your chemo hats are the best, sure to cheer someone during a rough time.

Material Mary said...

Cute cute chemo hats and I love the pincushion. I just bought that pattern this week. I've seen it often around and just decided it would be fun to make one!!

Barb said...

i love pincusions too! This one is a winner and you did it beautifully!
Very nice cemo caps and I love the model

Deb said...

I love pincushions too and I just picked up that pattern. Now I want to get cracking on it after seeing yours. Are you going to make the strawberry that was included in the pattern? My quilt shop had a little kit put together with the cutest little seed beads for the watermelon. How could I resist.

Those chemo hats are wonderful too.

May Britt said...

Your pincushion is so cute. I have that pattern so perhaps I should make one too.......some day LOL.
I am sure the little girl will love the hats. You have chosen such cute fabrics. And how fun it will be for her to have something different.

Darcie said...

You're so thoughtful, Dawn. Love the chemo wraps. A nice alternative for summer...and VERY youthful! Nice.

Love that little watermelon! And those cute! Thanks for the links.

Happy weekend, Dawn!

Wendy said...

The pincushion is adorable, I was lucky to get one for my birthday. The chemo hats will be very appreciated.

Lynn Dykstra said...

the watermelon is great.
and the do-rags for the little girl are so cute.

Anonymous said...
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Loris said...

Love the pincushion for those pins! I bought those pins also (from I Have A Notion). I love them and want more your show them off. They look so cute together :-)

Angie said...

Adorable pin cushion. Perfect for the summer when watermelon is in season.
Angie =

Holly @ Hello Audrey Ruth said...

Oh my gosh I love the pincushion!! I want a pillow like that!!! Please?! haha

MARCIE said...

So many things to comment on! Those chemo hats are adorable and I am sure the little girl will be thrilled! Your watermelon pincushion is sooo cute! I love your NY Beauty quilts. Well done! And the grad quilt will be awesome! Wow, you are getting so much done here!