Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Show me the Goods

I know, you all are saying... so show me the goods from the show. So here you go! First off above is the little quilt Linda from Quilts in the Barn made for me! Isn't it adorable! I will treasure it always!
The English Basket Quilt by Corliss Searcey and The Sykes Family Album pattern by Somerset Designs.
Stars Upon Stars and Georgetown Circle by Michelle Yeo.
Ballaarat Beauties, Indiana Rising Sun and California Stars by Michelle Yeo

Phebe by Di Ford, The Civil War Bride by Corliss Searcey, The Burnt Quilt by Di Ford
2 really cool carrying cases. The brown one on the left has one side of a large area to put projects, fabric, etc. The other side has zipper pockets with clear vynal fronts to see in. It is about 8" square. The one on the right is just some zippered pockets that fold up and snaps shut.
And the cases shut.
A gorgeous Aboriginal Fabric
And another gorgeous Aboriginal Fabric

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Janet said...

What a lovely wee quilt from Linda. You picked up some awesome patterns, they could keep you going for awhile.

antique quilter said...

great bags! WONDERFUL patterns, lucky you!!!!!
wow your going to be busy for a long time!
oh my interesting fabrics.
the little quilt Linda made you is adorable
how sweet she was to make you that.

sjoko said...

What a lovely blogg you have - I have instantly added myself as a follower :O)

Barb said...

Amazing goodies.....

Lori said...

What a lovely little quilt from Linda. I'm sure you will treasure it.
Wow, you purchased a lot of difficult patterns- fun!!

Wendy said...

Such a sweet little quilt from Linda. You are going to be very busy, the pattern selection is wonderful.

fiberobsession said...

I am so jealous of your trip. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all the stories.

Carole said...

What a sweet little quilt! I love it! Wow, that's quite the variety of patterns! Way to go! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!