Monday, April 23, 2012

241 Tote - Fully Loaded!

I got my 241 Tote all finished!  Fully Loaded with a bunch of things I added.  Ready to be packed up and go to Paducah!  I bought the 241 Tote pattern from Anna at Noodlehead.  The finished bag above, with extra long strap so I can wear it cross body and not get sore shoulders!

Note 2 zipper pockets on the front, and 2 HUGE side pockets.

Then peek inside the bag!

First off I added the magnet snaps to a moda ribbon, instead of to the lining fabric.  this gives it more stability and is much easeier to fix/replace if it should rip!  And I added a key fob so no digging for my keys!

On one side I added the slip pocket for my cell phone and chapstick - easy access.

And then I added a zipper pocket on the other side to keep anything I want from floating around the bag!

Decided I want simple easy wallets for the trip, so I made these 2 Cash N Carry pouches to go with it.

And of course while I was making those I had to make some fun drink ones for my friends!  Aren't the colors so much fun!  Now if Wednesday would just get here!

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Nann said...

Great fabric -- and looks like a nifty pattern. Safe travels and have a grand time!

antique quilter said...

LOVE that bag and I agree make the strap long I hate having my shoulder hurt from a purse.
great additions , all useful for sure.
your friends will love their gifts, your just so thoughtful
have a great time and take pictures!!!!


Janet O. said...

I think your little floral wallets are my favorite! Very cute!!

Dawn said...

Great choice! All the pockets etc. your are set for a fabulous trip. Licky bunch of friends. ENJOY!

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi... I love your bag and all the extra's you put into it... You sure will need it while you are at Paducah... It might be too small... So much to see there and lots of venders... Have fun... Hugs :)

Karen said...

The daisy fabric made a nice summery looking tote. I am in the moody to make a tote or some kind of purse. I just need to decide on what style and what fabric. From stash I hope.

Sheila said...

I love the way you combined the two patterns into one...I have just bought the 241 chart and am going to try and do the same (though not sure I will be any good at adapting).
Yours is fabulous!

Jan said...

I love my pouch...Thank goodness you are great with zippers and a great quilt running buddy. Paducah was great and looking forward to Sept.