Monday, August 29, 2005

Tonya MADE me me do it!

OK, so I've drooled over Bonnie's web page and blog for months now, and enjoyed Tonya's blog and even had something to say about pearle cotton and quilting (I've tried crochet cotton and swear by it) and debated and debated putting up my own quilt blog.

I'll tell you all right now - I am not a writer! But I love playing with computers (to a point) and love, love, love quilting!

I've been trying to quilt more quilts myself on just my home machine. Lap size or smaller I've gotten pretty good at. Larger ones - that is tougher so depends on how fancy I want it!

I have quilted some by hand, and this whole thing got started because I told Tonya about a quilt I hand quilted but outlined the applique with black crochet cotton! So here it is (if I can figure out how to post the picture)! Guess I got it posted. Jumped to the top - so I'm not sure if there is another way to put it in the middle?

Anyway, I love how the black around the applique sets it off! I also used crochet cotton in the flowers and on the border, but you can't see that in this picture.

I'll keep this short - want to try it all out first.

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Tonya R said...

Yes, I made you start a blog. It was really hard to twist your arm from all the way over here, but I managed. :)
I put my pictures in first and then type around them. You can use Control X CUT and then Control V PASTE to move the photo or text - I just learned that recently.

Dawn said...

Cool, maybe I'll have to try that for tomorrow's exercise!

susan said...

I love quilts, and found your blog, so decided to start reading it at the beginning. On this first picture you have, if you click on the picture, you can see it much bigger, and can see the black stitches, very nice! What size is this quilt? Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Hi Susan! yes there are black stitches around the applique - doesn't it set it off nicely! I'll come over and visit your blog tomorrow!

The quilt is about 25" x 25".