Friday, September 28, 2007

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke and Love, Love

Yes things continue to be busy around here. Emily is just finishing up the High School Tennis Season. Last year she played singles but this year has been doing doubles for an injured player. I'm always amazed at how gracefull and good she is considering she never played before High School! Emily is in the blue and white.

I"ve also been learning rowing terms. Jenna is on the Women's Crew Team at Drake. Saturday is her very first Regatta. I'm so bummed that Des Moines is too far for me to go see it. She is rowing in the Women's Varsity 8 race and then later in the day she is coxswain for the novice 8 race. Very cool huh! Since this is her first race I don't have a picture of her yet, so this is just a pic of a previous team. I"m trying to convince her to send me pic of her doing it but she swears she isn't going to.

When I made my first Boo-tiful Boo-quet quilt I also made one for me. The first one is going to Holly's best friend who thinks Halloween should be all year long. This one is going to be mine.

For a bit of fun - you HAVE to watch this video. She condenses everything a mom would say in a day down to 3 minutes to the tune of the William Tell Overture. It is so funny. Enjoy!

2 comments from wonderful readers:

Clare said...

Many moons ago I used to row. I loved it. I think it is a fantastic sport.

atet said...

Love your boo-quet as well! What fun!