Friday, March 17, 2006


Yup Arghhh about sums it up for this week at work! As fast as I worked, I found more errors and problems with software code and data, so the farther behind I got! So once again I'm burried under!

On a good front my son was accepted into Purdue University for the fall. Now there was no question about his grades or ACT score - the concern was that he didn't get off his butt to send in the application until THE final drop dead date! So I wasn't sure all the other "stuff" that needed to be in along with the application would make it. So he is in - but of course now he has missed the housing cut-off, question will be can he get housing! Mark and I thought about buying Holly and Adam a house to live in down there, but Mark thinks they will kill each other! :) Maybe I'll send them to go live with Laura! I think she would like 2 more teens!!!!

Way above on the top is the sun, moon and stars quilt I made my friend for her birthday! I got it quilted and bound!!!! Woo Hooo! One more thing done. Just need to wash it up now.

Then I have a picture of some fun things I bought for my new quilt shelf. In the center I had found this awesome willow tree with buttons attached to the branches and can you believe it - it is a quarter inch too tall! Talk about bummers! So I'm still going to have to rework the cener!

It is back to work for me - it must be true - no rest for the wicked! Because my oldest right now hung up on me because I'm so wicked - she has the nerve to yell at me because I won't go and pay off her credit card bill today for her! Geez. Lets not even go there! (I'm paying it off with her money - so don't think I'm paying for it out of my pocket. But she is upset I won't do it right now this minute with no warning - I'm suppose to adhere to her schedule!).

Teens - Double that Arghhhhh!!!!!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

tami said...

you know, i don't remember ever being like that to my parents, but my children are the same way. my son was filling out applications online the night before the deadline.
i do have a saying i use with my children --"poor planing on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.' it makes them mad, but i don't think i am teaching them a good lesson about responsibility by taking over theirs.

Finn said...

What a great saying Tami just posted..wish I had known that!!

Seriously tho, hang in there! Pray the "Lord, give me strength" prayer and watch out for rising water!!
Neat shelf findings and quilts!! Hugs, Finn

Granny said...

Congratulations on your son getting into Purdue. Sorry about the incident with your daughter. I wonder how we ever survive being parents!

Judy L.

Joanne said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs tonight! Congrats on your son getting accepted at Purdue! Just think, by the time he graduates he'll be out of his teens! vbg!

Laura said...

Send them both on down! They would probably last about 10 minutes at my house, first off remember I don't cook, second my DH is known for being strict, they probably wouldn't like the "rules", third we are 40 min from Lafayette and any civilization they would get bored real fast!

Darcie said...

Congrats on your son being accepted into Purdue!

I think teens have a wierd talent of scaring their parents into thinking that they dislike their siblings. Then...they grow up!

Your quilts look awesome with your shelf! Love it!