Monday, March 27, 2006

So what am I up to?

Yes, that is the question - what am I up to? Seems like I have nothing for good pics to post lately!

That is because I"m working on a secret project! Ok, not really secret from all of you. It is our guilds challenge quilt due in May - and since I"ll be gone the end of April at Paducah - I CAN'T WAIT - I have to make sure it is done before hand. So I can't share it with you right now because there are sneaky little spies out in our guild who just might visit my blog to see what I'm doing! Anyway, that is sucking up all my time lately. But I must say it is VERY maverick and VERY funny!
It is spring break for my 4 kids - they already are sooooo booored. There is nothing to do, whine, whine, whine. I took my oldest up to Milwaukee this morning to fly out to see my mom. I know my mom will be so happy to see her. Holly and her have a very special bond and this will really make her happy. Since I had to run up there this morning I"m working from home - which is just lovely with all the whining going on! Oh well.

The top picture is my first hand quilted quilt that hangs in my living room. Lucy shared a picture of a small quilt she has hanging up in her living room and she said she never gets tired of it - well this is my quilt that stays up in my living room all the time. I'm so happy with my hand quilting on this one. So it is kind of special to me. Then I"m sitting here looking out my back sliding door and the sun is out FINALLY. So I decided it was time for some spring quilts up on my other walls. I dug out some old pics of some of them to share with you. Now to decide which ones go up!
The Spring one with the words and small baskets I made last year and did McTavishing in the background. You can't see it very well here but it turned out way cool - very heavy quilting.

The one with the tiny little wild flowers is one of my very favorites. My friend Christelle in France made this one for me years ago. She is so talented with quilting. She hand pieces and hand quilts everything. Isn't the quilting on this one to die for! And the flowers are sooo tiny. I think I love this one so much because I could never make this! Or at least it would drive me crazy making it!
Well back to work. I can't wait until I can share my secret project with you!

11 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Great pictures Dawn, not sure what they are all of, for, or by whom, as I can't make out the pale printing...but the pics are great!!! Keep up the good work if it's yours..*VBS*

Joanne said...

They're all beautiful, Dawn. Makes me want to go up and do some applique and hand quilting!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Oooh, I love your bright happy spring quilt. lovely quilting. And I love the top one too - that was the first quilt of yours I ever saw.
Can't wait to see the exciting secret project!

Lucy said...

Yes your wallhanging is so lovely. I like the black thread you used round the applique! I understand that you are never bored of it !

Lynn Dykstra said...

I love your quilts--and like your use of plaids.

Quiltgranny said...

me too, me too - when you are tired of them, just send them along here for me to hang and enjoy too!

Lily Mulholland said...

OMG Dawn that is some of the most exquisite hand quilting I've seen. You and your friend Cristelle must be very patient and talented people!!

I love your first hand-stitched quilt that you have up on the wall. The colour combo is delicious.

Darcie said...

Dawn...I was about to start whining that we couldn't see your secret project...but then...the pics of your quilts appeared!!! One is as wonderful as the next!

Your hand quilted and appliqued living room is a piece that you should be very pleased with indeed! It's lovely!

And the applique and McTavishing on the die for!!! Great job!

You must cherish Christelle's gift with all of your heart. What a beautiful piece!

No...I will not whine about your top secret work!!! Thanks for sharing your top notch work!!!

Quiltgranny said...

I tried to leave a comment the other nite, and blogger wasn't cooperating with me, so now I will just double ditto what Darcie said. Thanks for sharing these with us - they really brightened my day!

Cher said...

gorgeous!!!! all these quilts could come live at my house..but the one Christelle did..oh my, what a special friend indeed-that is exquiste.

Holly said...

I love a mystery - looking forward to seeing the secret you're working on. That McTavishing is awesome.