Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Serendipity and 7 things about me....

First off more serendipity play! I had fun last night just playing with colors and layouts. Course there are a ton more, and I only had certain things cut out so it limited my play, but I had fun!

And for those of you who asked about the Celebrate Spring Clues (and had no reply email address) The next clue is next Monday May 21st and they will be revealed on Monday May 28th!

And Joyce tagged me to list 7 things about me you might not know. Why does it always seem so hard to do that when someone tags you! So I'm borrowing 6 of them from last year when we had to list quirks about us, and then added on on. I"m not going to tag anyone - most of you have been tagged and I'm so busy at work. So take this as a tag for anyone who hasn't done it yet!

1. This one was a no brainer and would and always will be #1 - I HAVE to have a diet coke in the morning. It is basically my cup of coffee! I'm a grouch without/

2. Playing a close second to the above is - "I'm no good for the day until I have a shower". Yup, if I'm camping and there are no showers I'm no good for the day. Basically I need that shower whether I need it or not!!!!!

3. I've gotten into a habit of having to read in bed before I go to sleep with a little flashlight! Yup, it has to be in bed and with my flashlight. Doing it out in the living room just doesn't work right! So just wait Laura until I bring it with me to Paducah! Once I didn't want to bother a friend with it on a trip and I tried to read under the covers like a little kid - didn't work - I got way to hot and stuffy. Only to find out the next morning that she was asleep the second she put her head on her pillow and never even knew I had it out!

4. I have a hard time going barefoot. I have no idea why - but I tend to have tennis shoes on all the time. I can sit on the couch barefoot, and sleep barefoot, but if I'm walking or standing I have to have my shoes on!

5. I have to have popcorn at the movies. Even if I'm stuffed full and just had dinner. I HAVE to have diet coke and popcorn. Although I've lately been going to the movies during mealtime and popcorn is my meal!

6. I just about always fall asleep while riding in the car. Well ok, for any length of time - maybe 45 mins or more. I LOVE the motion of the car, puts me right to sleep - just like a baby!

7. I"ve grown up and lived within a 10 mile radius my whole life. That is pretty uncommon I would think for these days. My husband has lived within a 1 mile radius his whole life! Does that give you a clue to how boring we are!

11 comments from wonderful readers:

Connie said...

The quilt blocks are wonderful. Looks like something I might try someday. And I enjoyed reading your list of 7s.

Nadine said...

Thanks for this post : I just LOVE your Serendipity project, and I loved the 7 "things" about you : so funny !
Hugs & smiles,

Carol said...

Those Serendipity blocks are so wonderful. That is just amazing what happens to the same piece of fabric. What fun!

Libby said...

Can I copy you? I love those blocks . . . going to have to go back and find out what the book is *s*

Me, too, on the popcorn. It's just not a movie if there is no popcorn. And I DON'T like to share. I want my own bucket.

http://thewinemakerswife.blogs.com/ said...

Adorable blocks, the finished product is going to be a real treasure for you. I am the same way, and so is my aunt. I have a diet coke at 7am when I get to the office each morning!!

anne bebbington said...

Those Serendipity blocks are awesome - you piece such complex things - I'm in total awe of you Dawn - I prefer the darker triangles to the plaid around the central stack and whack hexagon. And by the way you're not boring for not moving away from your native home area - just contented, which I guess we all strive for

Lily said...

Wow those blocks are getting better! I don't think you're boring. It's nice to have a permanent homebase!

Wendy said...

Your Serendipity blocks look fantastic and so complicated. The fabrics and colour choices are stunning as well. I just love them!
You're funny!

Leigh said...

I don't think your boring at all. I could have written 2,3(substitute tv for book),4,6,7,myself.
Seems we have plenty in common :-)

Hedgehog said...

Love those blocks!!

Alotta.knittin said...

Your work is incredible! Beautiful.