Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Progress on Sunshine on my Shoulders

Here is my progress on the Sunshine on my Shoulders quilt! Only one row on the bottom left to go! And you should see some of the other quilts from it! They are turning out so wonderful - in fact I'll share them below! I'm teaching this BOM quilt at the local quilt store - I'm loving the results! And the best part are some of the quilters are not very experienced and they are doing it! And I"ve even got them to be a bit creative! THAT is exciting!

As for the angel quilting - yes, I had a hard time getting a picture to show how I quilted the angel face! So I'll try and show you in this picture by drawing black lines kind of how I did it. I'll try for a better picture in the daylight if I"m ever home during the daylight!!!! :) So realize these lines are not very perfect - I'm not a good computer drawer! But you get the idea of what I did!

Candace's Top so far and her signature block:

Jennifer's Top so far and her signature block:

Pats Top and signature block:

Lynn's top and signature block:

9 comments from wonderful readers:

Laura said...

Dawn - They are all doing such a great job and it is amazing that they all look so different. I just love this quilt. Will have to do mine someday.

Finn said...

Wow..they are turning out really well Dawn!! Great job with the gals. I do like yours...very much!

Anonymous said...

These quilts are all gorgeous! Great job everyone. I Love all the siggie blocks too - very creative and fun :-)

Tonya Ricucci said...

The students work all looks excellent - what a great teacher you are. I love how they ALL look, esp the different signature blocks. I hope those are going to end up on the front of the quilt, not the back...

Lucy said...

OOhh the results are georgous.. I am sure because of teh great teacher :c)

Granny said...

What greate quilts! Thanks for the pictures! I love your colors!!

Judy L.

Darcie said...

Those BOMs are fantastic, Dawn! I'm not usually too fond of BOM...but that one is very unique...and not so samey-samey.

You must be having just a wonderful time. I know myself that it is so fun to see stitchers letting their hair down, so to speak...and jumping outside of the box that they've been in. Kudos to you!

That quilt shop looks like a dandy, too. Great lighting...looks like lots of space...hardwood floors...what more is there?!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I must have missed, somewhere along the way, that you were teaching this class. The quilts are looking great - lots of GREAT variety in the signature blocks. I have never thought about making a "signature" block, as opposed to a label (or in conjunction with a label), but these photos are definately making me think about that option in the future! Great job teaching!!!



Lily Mulholland said...

Dawn I love the angel face - I don't think I would have thought of quilting on the face! What a clever woman you are :)

And what a great idea including signature blocks in the quilts. Fab idea.

Can't wait to see your finished quilt!