Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thank you Andrea - And Paducah!

Look what was waiting for me tonight when I got home from Paducah! Andrea sent me this awesome package! First this wonderful quilt. The picture doesn't do it justice. The colors are so wonderful!

And I also got these awesome socks she made and these adorable buttons! I love them all! Thank you so much Andrea!

And just a peek at a few goodies from Paducah - more later, I"m beat right now.

Linda made me this beautiful chatelaine for a roommate gift! Isn't it wonderful! And I didn't have one so I was excited to get it!

Here are some fabrics I picked up (totally not my normal style) for Emily's graduation quilt.

And here is my annual underwear fabric! For some reason every year when I go to Paducah I get a new piece of underwear fabric. I have no idea why, but it is a fun thing to look for!

7 comments from wonderful readers:

Kathie said...

can't wait to hear and see pictures from the show and shopping of course!!!!

Barb said...

What a fun package in the mail....

Love all of your fabrics and can't wait to hear more about our retreat!!

Lori said...

Quilting gifts are always fun!! Love the socks!!
I'm looking forward to Paducah photos.

Tazzie said...

Hi there Dawn hon
I tried to call you while I was in Paducah, but I must have put the wrong number in my phone because it never worked. :-(
Hope you had a wonderful time there, we certainly did - very heavy bags on the way home!

julieQ said...

What awesome gifts! Especially love those socks. And speaking of undergarments...your new fabrics is so funny!

Karen said...

Maybe you can make something for a lingerie drawer or just cut it up and mix into a scrap quilt.

Jan said...

Great purchases and gifts. Gosh, I missed y'all. Did you make it to Linda's favorite place (E. Burns)?