Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Really Cool Ruler

Last month at our guild we had a demo on this really cool ruler to make a Hunter's Star block. I"m going to use this to make Emily's graduation quilt, but wanted to make sure I knew how to do the process before I cut all the fabric out! So above is the NICU quilt I made with it! It was SO EASY!

I used the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler by Debbie Tucker. You have to try it! The instructions are really good, with lots of pictures and clear directions. I whipped this up in no time at all. Started it Saturday and finished it on Sunday. And this week I've almost got all 80 blocks made for Emily's quilt - that is how fast it goes!

You can see a demo of how to use this ruler on you tube given by Bayside Quilting. Try it out!

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Sue said...

I bought this ruler at the Vermont quilt festival last year and it is fantastic. I have entered the quilt I made into Quilts UK next week. I also bought 16 rulers from Deb whilst in Paducah 2 weeks ago so I can teach this method at my class here in the UK. Isn't It ingenious, so accurate and fast.
Sue in the UK

antique quilter said...

I think I need this ruler,thanks Dawn
spending my money again!
LOL will have to wait till after we pay the tuition bill though...
can't wait to see Emily's quilt!

Karen said...

I had read about how easy it is to use the ruler to make the Hunter's Star but had not seen a demo. I made one quite some time ago using a fabric backing where you sew on the lines. I did not particularly like that method.

Lori said...

The little quilt you made is wonderful!! It's nice to find a tool that saves so much time.

Karen said...

don't you just love it!! i' ve had mine for some time now- made a table runner, a wall hanging and am using it to make my son his long overdue quilt!
So easy!! Even taught a couple classes at the shop using it.
Will have to look at the demo you posted to see what she might do "differently"!
Happy Stitchin' my friend

Anonymous said...

How fun to hear of a new ruler with rave reviews! Thanks!!

Vivian said...

What fun to read about your success with the ruler. It's definitely a time saver and the results are so precise.

Our guild's next raffle quilt was made using the Deb Tucker ruler. When I post photos of our raffle Q, may I direct readers to your blog? You've described the ruler so perfectly.

Angela said...

That ruler is fantastic, isn't it? I made Christmas wallhangings last fall with it. You can see one on my blog here: http://countryscrapquilts.blogspot.com/2009/10/christmas-star-little-quilt.html
It was amazing seeing the stars come together!
Your wallhanging is beautiful!

fiberobsession said...

I made a 4 block quilt to try out this ruler that I bought about a year ago and it was really slick. A large quilt is in my "On the list" book. Linda told me she didn't take your quilts to Paducah. What a bummer!