Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Always something

So I worked a bit more on my starburst tonight and have it just about the way I want it and I was so excited to share pictures. So I grab my camera and can you believe it - the battery is dead! Ughhhh.... so now I have to wait to borrow one of my kids cameras to take a few pics - maybe I"ll have some tomorrow. I was hoping for several variations of inside fabric choices for some feedback. I'll see if I can get one of them to part with their cameras.

In the meantime I did have 1 picture to share of the portion of the quilt that attaches to the oval sunburst. I saw these little baskets and thought they were so cute. But when I started sewing them I hated them. Well I finally got the little feet on them and they became cute again! Wheh! I've already replaced that little row of 4 from something else I didn't like anymore.

Ok, can you tell I"m tired! Work has been so busy again I don't know which end is up. Thank goodness I"m taking Friday off to go to the Chicago Quilt show! I can't wait for some "me" time!

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Tonya R said...

the row of little baskets is darling - excellent choice. I'm so envious of you going to the quilt show. Have a great time and don't wear yourself out.

ForestJane said...

I really like your ducks and hearts background for your blog... and the Spring header too!

I've been seeing a lot of baskets lately, maybe it's time I tried one of my own. Your star block is great too, but I KNOW that's beyone my skill level. All those points! EEEEeek! :)

dot said...

The baskets look so good. Your star looks wonderful. Keep us posted with the progress of this quilt. Have fun at the quilt show.

Sharon said...

everything is so springy - your blog background AND these baskets! Have fun at the show!