Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lucy/Bonnie - Laura/Dawn

Hmmmm, I somehow doubt that Laura is going to take me somewhere as exciting as that museum Lucy took Bonnie, and not as healthy as the medicinal store..... but I can guarantee you that we will have a BLAST - and spend way too much money!!!!!
I think we are meeting at the airport - and in the theme of things: Laura and I meeting FINALLY at the airport and Lucy's family on Bonnie's blog.....
The song Junior Birdmen...... (we used to sing this in college - I have no idea why!!! I think we liked making the goggles! Hmmm, this could be quirk #7)!

Up in the air junior birdman
Up in the air upside down
Up in the air junior birdman
Keep your noses off the ground

When you hear the grand announcement
that your wings are made of tin.
Then you know that Junior Birdman,
has turned his box tops in.*

For it takes:
5 box tops,
4 bottle bottoms,
3 coupons,
2 wrappers,
and one thin dime!

B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d-m-a-n
Birdman, Birdman, Birdman

* Alternate Verse
When you hear the doorbell ring (buzz, buzz)
When you see the badge of tin (tin, tin)
Then you know that junior birdman
Has turned his box tops in.

4 comments from wonderful readers:

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for the lyrics, my dad & I would sing the part we knew when on a swing... The part we knew - up in the air junior birdman & not much else - but I did do the goggles.

Laura said...

Who knows where our group may land, I think you have already gotten the idea that they are just a little crazy!

I have never heard of this song before.

ForestJane said...

anybody who knows the lyrics to Junior Birdmen has got to be my kind of people lol

Have fun in Paducah!

Bonnie said...

I want you to know that After all was calm and sleepy and I had gone to bed and was just drifting off...that I awoke with a start to hear lucy dying with laughter! I had to come out of bed to find out what she was laughing almost with tears about! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen....thanks for the laughs! We want to know where you came up with the other junior birdmen pictures!! After going back to bed...and tucked in and in the dark...I still found myself giggling!

Bonnie & Lucy