Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes I'm like a chicken with its head cut off!

I'm running around trying to finish things at home and work so I can go play with Laura and her crazy friends in Paducah!

Work continues to be just too much work. As fast as I try and get caught up, more comes in. I've never been this busy in the 22 years I've worked here! But in a way it is good - I'm more determined than ever to go AWAY and not work while in Paducah - like I needed an excuse! :)

And kids and home are fine, just the normal busy. But the quilt shop I did the class at last year has seen some more of my stuff and wants me to do more classes. I agreed since that is MY quilt spending money! So I am teaching another punchneedle class on Saturday - no prep there because I just taught it last month so I have the stuff. But then they wanted me to teach those tote bags I made for my friends birthday, so I had to get a class sample made and supply list done (Class in June). Finished that this week! Wheh! And I'm teaching another class in June on those fun Pet Screen gadget pouches I made. So I had to get those made and the supply list done. Finally got that done also!

And of course I can't leave well enough alone - I decided since Laura and her friends were soooo nice to let me come I had to make a little something for all of them for the trip. Hmmm, do I dare share with you? No - I better not, don't want to spoil Laura's surprise. Needless to say that added 13 more of "something" to my get done list before I go!

AND there is the big secret project I've been working on for our guild's challenge beginning of May. It is 2 days after I get back - so I have to have that done. I'm getting so excited to show you what I'm doing - it is totally twisted!

So, I have all this sewing I have to get done, but I just felt like doing something fun last night. So I did! My friend from Australia sent me 2 really fun new projects for my birthday (I just got the package last week though)! The house block up on top is the first one. I had seen in the AU P&Q magazine this really fun primitive style house quilt. I really wanted it. She tried to get the pattern for me, but it turned out that it was a BOM only - so she bought me the BOM! That is why she held my package so long! This is part of the first month blocks. I still have some hearts and flying geese to do. And in the BOM kit they have all the fabric already cut to size! So I didn't even need to cut the pieces! It is all done for me! This will be another quilt I'll be able to share my progress on with you.
Then at the other end of the spectrum she sent me lime green and aqua fabric from Jan Mullen of Stargazey Quilts and the Leavez pattern! This is so Tonya like in style how you make the leaf blocks! I can't wait to start it! The colors and freeness of this will be so much fun!

Well back to work so I can try and get things under control before I leave!

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Dawn, you are running so fast all I can see is a blur where you were a minute ago...LOL...but ya know what, I hope you will have a really, really marvelous time while at the show..Hugs, Finn

cher said...

good for you to get so much done! and then when you are off, you can really relax and enjoy yourself-I too have a friend in Australia that sends me cool stuff for my birthday etc. love your new prezzies!

Laura said...

Wow, all I can say is , what a friend!!!! How will I ever compare??? LOL. 6 days!!!

Darcie said...

Oooh! Jan Mullen's work is so fun...I've got a client that does a lot of Jan's things. Very Maverick to say the least!

Tonya R said...

ya gotta love Jan Mullen's "ish" piecing. Sorry you're so crazy busy.