Sunday, April 02, 2006

A quick weekend hi!

Well I am working on some other things besides the big surprise project this weekend. So I thought I would share my progress!

Oh first before I forget I think it was Lily who asked if the flower from Millenium Garden was a scotch thistle - well actually I just think it is a folk art flower and it can be whatever you want it to be! And Lily - I have actually been a member several times of the Canberra Quilters guild! Not that I have even ever been to Australia! But I have a good friend who lives outside of Canberra (used to live in town) and she signs me up every now and then!

I decided I had better get going on my last sunburst block for my 30's Sunshine on my Shoulder quilt since class is next week! This is the last month so after the meeting next Monday the quilt is off to the quilter! Above are the first 2 of 8 sections! This sunburst is very large I think something like 30" x 36"!
The other thing I've been working on is little gadget bags made out of Pet Screen for gifts. I have mentioned before I have a ton of friends who have birthdays in May - so I'm making these up for gifts. They are a lot of fun to make. Iwent through a whole roll of pet screen! I only have 3 done, but the start done on about 20 more! Here are some of them!

7 comments from wonderful readers:

Lily said...

Wow Dawn I can't believe you know someone who lives in/near Canberra. There are only 320,000 people in Canberra and another 150,000 or so in the neighbouring country.

I haven't joined the Canberra Quilters yet. THought I'd better get a bit more quilting under my belt first! But I go to their exhibitions because some of the members do the most amazing quilting. Very inspirational.

My goodness that sunburst is going to be HUGE! Can't wait to see the finished quilt after it's done.

Scotch Thistle or not, I loved the flower!

Good luck with getting those gadget bags all sewn up by May!

Patty said...

I love the idea of the gaget bags.

Finn said...

Neat projects Dawn...happy you found time to drop are one BUSY gal!!!

Tonya R said...

Either you're incredibly generous (which I'm sure you are) giving multiple bags to the birthday gals or else you really do have LOTS of friends with birthdays (and are still very generous!)

Sharon said...

OR, shes making gadget bags for all of US! LOL!

I can hardly wait to see the finished starburst!

cher said...

those bags look such fun-I am sure your friends will love them-looking forward to seeing the completed starburst quilt

Holly said...

Those gadget bags are a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more of the starburst project.