Monday, April 24, 2006

Finn Wants to know my Quirks!!!

Well Finn tagged me this weekend to share 6 of my quirks. Hmmmm, I probably have some better ones, but with my brain all a mush trying to tie up loose ends with work before Paducah - AND my excitement for Wed to get here - this is the best I could do!

1. This one was a no brainer and would and always will be #1 - I HAVE to have a diet coke in the morning. It is basically my cup of coffee! I'm a grouch without.

2. Playing a close second to the above is - "I'm no good for the day until I have a shower". Yup, if I'm camping and there are no showers I'm no good for the day. Basically I need that shower whether I need it or not!!!!!

3. I've gotten into a habit of having to read in bed before I go to sleep with a little flashlight! Yup, it has to be in bed and with my flashlight. Doing it out in the living room just doesn't work right! So just wait Laura until I bring it with me to Paducah! Once I didn't want to bother a friend with it on a trip and I tried to read under the covers like a little kid - didn't work - I got way to hot and stuffy. Only to find out the next morning that she was asleep the second she put her head on her pillow and never even knew I had it out!

4. I have a hard time going barefoot. I have no idea why - but I tend to have tennis shoes on all the time. I can sit on the couch barefoot, and sleep barefoot, but if I'm walking or standing I have to have my shoes on!

5. I have to have popcorn at the movies. Even if I'm stuffed full and just had dinner. I HAVE to have diet coke and popcorn. Although I've lately been going to the movies during mealtime and popcorn is my meal!

6. I just about always fall asleep while riding in the car. Well ok, for any length of time - maybe 45 mins or more. I LOVE the motion of the car, puts me right to sleep - just like a baby!

OK, now that you all think I"m really strange, I get to pick 6 people! Let's see:

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Lucy said...

Dawn, just before wake up everybody in my house , I check my mail and took a look at your blog. I am impressed by yoru new background ! I love it so much .
I will answer teh 6 . but I think I have more time when Bonnie is home :c)

Today a busy day

Lily said...

Hmmm not too sure about the diet cookie for breakfast...but I don't think the others are very weird at all. But then again maybe that's just me!!!

Bring on Paducah! And the flashlight!!

Finn said...

Morning Dawn, love your weirdness, and you seem just the right amount weird to me...*VBS*

Wish I could go along to Paduca, but I'll settle for pictures, I know you and Laura will have a wonderful time..*VBS*P.S. love the new graphics!!

Judy said...

Love the new graphics! You aren't as weird as you think...but we are totally opposite on one thing. You have to fight me to get shoes ON my feet. I've been barefoot since the day I was born. Hate shoes!

You mentioned loving my trapaziod BOM. It's super great. The fabrics are all from Japan and 12.95 a yard but so worth it. They sold the template and I bought it at the quilt show to use for other quilts, but I didn't buy the BOM's...then I came home a ordered it from their website. I think it's going to be a fabulous quilt!

Laura said...

We are sooo alike, I have a Tab for breakfast every morning! And I read every night also....well I just got to the shoes part, maybe we are not so much alike, ha ha. See you tomorrow!

Darcie said...

Oh! You're too weird, Dawn! LOL And I love ya's for it, too!

I've never been tagged before...only six weird things about me??? Hmm. I'll have to narrow down the list...keep checking...I'll get caught up with my blogging!