Thursday, March 06, 2008

This and That

Just a short break from my progress on Marcie's Williamsburg Medallion to share a few other things I"ve done in the last few weeks. First off was last night's guild meeting speaker - Kathleen Tracy, author of American Doll Quilts and Prairie Children and Their Quilts. Oh what fun that was to see all the quilts in her books in real life. They are so pretty in real life. She told us how she got started quilting small doll quilts for her daughter and how she ended up writing her first book. She told about life around the period of each doll quilt. It was a very fun speaker. And we found out she is working on a new book! I don't remember when it will be out, but there will be one. I believe the next one is going to have bigger sized quilts in it! Darn on my camera, I couldn't get a good shot of the quilts for anything. It was one of those nights! But Saturday I"m making her broken dishes quilt from the Prairie Children book with her! How fun will that be!

And here are the 2 scrap quilts I made a few weekends ago when I wasn't feeling well. They are all quilted and bound and given to charity last night. You all know how to do the string ones, and the trip around the world one is from Bonnie's pattern - Scrappy Trip Around the World. Oh and on that one I did Bonnie's 10" block scrap backing!

Then like I have nothing to do these days, I ended up saying I would be on the raffle quilt committee 3 weeks ago when our old committee all up and resigned after about 5 months of not starting the quilt. So Joan, Julie and I (and I think Nan is going to help) have been getting organized and picked the colors and bought the main fabrics. The guild members will be donating FQs of the scrappy fabrics. Bonnie had given our guild permission to use her Cathedral Stars pattern. So Julie mocked up (from her stash I might add) a small version of the quilt so the guild members could see what the color theme we decided on would look like. Doesn't it look great!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

atet said...

Ok, I'm seriously jealous about having Kathleen Tracey as your speaker. I have the American Doll Quilt book and I'm so tempted to set a goal of one of those minis per month. Even though I don't think I'll make mine look antique -- I do love the patterns!

Your raffle quilt mock-up is lovely and so is your Williamsburg Medalion quilt -- I loved seeing all of the different variations on it!

Lea said...

Oh, How lucky you are to meet Kathleen Tracy!
Thank you for the info for Kathleen's new book! I have to get a copy for mine!*S*
Your charity quilt looks great.
and Julie's quilt... Oh, It's stunning.

sossy said...

You have been busy! I like the raffele quilt mock up. Those colors are fantastic. Have a great weekend.

Mary Johnson said...

All these look wonderful but of course, I'm partial to the string quilt. I think the raffle quilt is going to look great!

KC Quilter said...

Oh, you lucky duck--getting to see Kathleen Tracy and her amazing doll quilts. I have both of her books and just love them. Have fun sewing with her!!!

Unknown said...

You have been busy.