Thursday, February 05, 2009

What is she doing now?

Yup, here is a clue as to what I"m working on now! I know you are saying - What is she doing now?! Well wait and see. This isn't going to be a fast finish, but by tomorrow you'll see some more concrete results!

And here is my Rosie the Quilter Top! I appreciated all the suggestions. Someone suggested piping or a flange and then the border and I thought - Why didn't I think of that! I didn't have any yellow fabric left, so yellow was out, but I did a small flange of red and then put on the blue border!

And this is the back. Used up some small pieces and even used up misc white muslins from various projects!

Oh and don't forget to go check out Julie's Inauguration Quilt On Tonya's site. I got to see the quilt last night and it is so fun to see all the signatures on it and is even more wonderful in real life!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Paula said...

I don't know who suggested it, but the little bit of red corrects the issue of having a blue border next to blue sashing!!! It looks AWESOME!

Libby said...

Oh you are such a scamp . . . . can't wait to see what you are making next *s*

Material Mary said...

Love the blue borders. They finish off the quilt very nicely. Great job!!

Betweens said...

wow your design walls are getting full of wonderful I am curious on what you are making with these blocks!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I have been so tempted by those Rosie blocks...really like you quilt and the back!

Karen said...

I have always liked the Rosie fabric. I also like the machine quilting!