Thursday, October 20, 2005

OK - what for borders? Or Any?

OK - here is my gift bag challenge quilt so far. What do you think?

My biggest question now is - do I put on a border? And if so what so that it doesn't look like I slapped on a border. I considered maybe a few rows of checkerboards since that is on the bag? Rough idea below from EQ5. What do you ladies think?

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Nines said...

Dawn- I think it is pretty enough to stand without borders. It seems a simple, more minimal design, so if a border, maybe something hand-dyed that keeps it less busy, but still has interest. Of course, I often figure more is... more, so I know you'll come up with just the right answer. I really like this one. Good luck!

Finn said...

The checkboard is just so-so ok with me..your tulip is more visually complicated than the EQ 5 one...I like the pink/gold pieced border, but then it compliments the EQ5 color of the design...and I would like it to be seperated from the main part of the quilt by something narrow and darker, I think.
So.....all in all, a typical Libra opinion...6 of one thing, half dozen of another...*VBG* I know you'll find just the right combo..*S*

Jen said...

I vote for no borders. The composition is solid, and it has a nice sense of motion. Either "pillowcase" for a really clean look or use just a slim binding. JMHO :) Jen

Joanne said...

I like it without borders, too!
And you said you weren't an art quilter! Look out, it might get addicting!

Carolyn said...

Dawn, it's beautiful. I like either the pink EQ5 border or no border...just tie it all together with a narrow binding. Will there be a winner in this bag challenge? If so, you've got it, hands down!