Sunday, September 05, 2010

A few more RR's

Sharon's started with the block above.

My round was to add the binding to get this.

Sue's started out with this block.

I was to add a 9" x 3" piece either to the top or bottom of what I got. I had this really fun cat note fabric so I added the notes with the blue sashing.

And it turned out like this!

Toni's block was this.

I was to add two pieces below (or above) the others 6" x 4" and 7" x 4". My portion was the beach scene and the sun.

And she ended up with this.

One more for today. Nancy started out with this piece of fabric for her block.

I needed to add two pieces below (or above) the others at 10" x 4" and 3" x 4". I cheated a bit and added a 8" x 4" and then a 4" x 4" (with a 1" sash) - but you know, you need to tweak the rules a bit when you get something in your head! I added the HSTs and the canoe block.

7 comments from wonderful readers:

Karen said...

Each piece is good in its own way but the winter one is my favorite of these.

Barb said...

I am loving the beach scene.

Barb said...

These are so wonderful - each one is unique and fun!
thanks for sharing, I'd love to do something like this!

Lori said...

Adorable and such a wide variety of centers that were started!!

Loris said...

I love seeing the path these quilts took being put together. They are wonderful and even more interesting seeing how blocks were added. Great post!

Jeanne said...

Wow -- the blue winter one is wonderful, and I'm not normally a blue person!
Jeanne :)

*karendianne. said...

I love all of these but being so partial to cats - I had a to giggle and really enjoyed that!