Friday, September 03, 2010

My Round Robin Quiltlet Finished

Here is my finished Round Robin Quiltlet. My rules/theme was "Just Solids". Quiltlet finishes at 13" x 18"!

Of course I have no progress pictures because we didn't share as it was sent around. So all I have is my finished product. (But I took my finished quilt and chunked it up so you could kind of see how it "grew")

Have fun visiting the participants Blogs too!

Round 1 - me: The uneven 9 patch

Round 2 - Becky: Gold Square to left

Round 3 - Sharon: Checkerboard above

Round 4 - Suzette: Black to left

Round 5 - Julie: Diagonal Stripes

Round 6 - Jan: Blue gray rectangle and 9 patch on top

Round 7 - Amy: Blue square and yellow rectangle on bottom

Round 8 - Debbie: Wheel applique

Round 9 - Margaret: Was to embroider something, but we waived this step for this particular quiltlet - it didn't "feel" right to put it on.

Round 10 - Nancy: Amish Buggy and Horse

Round 11 - Toni: Add batting and backing and basted

Round 12 - Kate: Quilted It

Round 13 - Sue: Buttons Added to quilting and applique wheel

Round 14 - Karen: Binding & Sleeve

9 comments from wonderful readers:

Shasta said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous quilt! Kate is doing a stay at home one right now, and I really need to get cracking!

Karen said...

The horse & buggy are just perfect for this. Everyone did a really good job of adding something very appropriate. You ended up with a very good quilt.

ROZ said...

Amazing how it all came together to be so beautiful!

Lori said...

That is gorgeous! Just how a RR is supposed to end up!!

Lindah said...

Definitely a WOW factor to this quilt. The appliques are wonderful. The balance of each unit is great. Beautiful!

Loris said...

Love it! The colors added are wonderful and then the horse and buggy and the applique wheel add dimension and interest. This is really inspiring. So much to think about.

Barb said...

How wonderful!
I'd love to see the others, will there be a linky or something.
The quilting is wonderful as are all parts = the buggy is great!!

*karendianne. said...

Oh gosh, how totally NEAT!!!!!!!!! I love this.

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh Dawn,you must be thrilled to get this back! It is wonderful! The horse and buggy just finish it off so well, but each piece added seems perfect for it. And the quilting! Absolutely delightful!