Friday, March 16, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've done zilch, nada, ZERO, NO quilting/sewing this week. Ughhh. I'm starting to get cranky again!!!

Not only have I been busy, but my kids are busy with "things" too - it is just one of those weeks! Above is Holly my oldest enjoying her first big road trip during spring break from college. She went with her friend out east and stayed with Grandma and my sister, but took day trips to see the sights. Her friend had never seen the ocean, so even though the water was a bit chilly, they enjoyed their day at the beach!

They also enjoyed a day down at DC and Holly FINALLY got to go to the air and space museum, she was in heaven. We've been to DC several times when I had gone with all 4, but with 4 small kids, we just never made it to the air and space. So finally she made it. Her dream job is to work at NASA. She doesn't want to go into space, she wants to work mission control.

And as I mentioned in my earlier post, Jenna turned 18 this week and I took her and some friends to a Japanese steakhouse. They had a blast. But being girly girls they weren't too sure about catching broccolli in their mouths when the chef tossed it to them - Jenna's went on the floor!

And then poor Emily the baby (who is a freshman in HS so not a baby anymore!) has that nasty 2 week flu. Her fever spiked to 103 the other day so we finally took her to the Dr and yes, no strep, no sinus infection, just that nasty flu. He said she could be sick another week!

So no sewing for this girl this week. Oh and unless you think I forgot child #2 - Adam - he came home for spring break Wednesday. He wasn't about to spend a whole week at home with us. He is at that stage where he hates us all (except for Holly). So I just try to lay as low as I can go with him! He's been in and out of the house, but has not been too sociable!

So that is life in my house this week! Next week - I travel for work, so probably not much then either. I'm hoping I get some good sewing done this weekend!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

anne bebbington said...

Love your new look Spring blog Dawn - the chicks are so sweet - and so are your own offspring. Hope you get the chance to do a little handstitching in between all your business - if only to stop you going completely stir-crazy

Carol said...

You have certainly been a very busy girl.Hope you get some sewing done this weekend. Tomorrow is National Quilting Day so you must do a little something to celebrate :) Have a wonderful week...take care.

McIrish Annie said...

your blog is very springy!! needed to see that with snow flying here in CT and about 12 inches on the ground@! don't worry the sewing will wait. nice to see all the kids@!

Sweet P said...

First - I love your new blog look. Second, your children have been very busy this week. Your daughters all look so happy. Your son sounds so much like a son at his age.

Your house must always be busy with four young adults. I bet you love every minute of it.

Nadine said...

Lovely photos, Dawn !... and such a nice, new fresh blog setting !

Hugs & smiles,

Libby said...

Oh I love the 'had to put my feet in the water' photo - she looks like she's quite uncomfortable *s* Hope that Emily is feeling better soon and the rest of you don't come down with the same. Hope you get the chance for sewing over the weekend - quilting is just good for you *s*