Friday, March 30, 2007

Just Pieces today

Thought I would share with you just some pieces of things I"m working on! First of all I got 2 blocks from Jenny in Belgium for a block swap I'm doing! The top one is the block I made for the 1st month - signature block. I got in the mail today the bottom 2 blocks from Jenny today, the left one is April's block - 4-patch variation and then her signature block! Aren't they wonderful! And she hand pieces everything! And I can't believe how well all the colors go without us planning it! I have 2 more blocks coming yet for March, so I"ll show you those when I get them too.

I also have to share something fun with you. I"ve been working on my gifts for the group I go to Paducah with. So last night I was quilting panels of fabric to cut up (I can't tell you what I"m making - they will see!!! Anyway, above is the front of one panel. But look at the surprise I got when I looked at the back - isn't that red on the brown awesome! That was a fun surprise!

And I thought I would also show you my progress on the BOM I"m teach at the LQS. Isn't this turning out cool? My original version hanging up in the shop is in darker colors and repro fabrics and I love it, but I really am liking how this one is turning out as well! Isn't it just fun to play!

Lessons from Momma

9 comments from wonderful readers:

anne bebbington said...

I love that blue and brown colourway you're doing your second version of the BOM - so crisp and clean but not as clinical as blue can be - some lovely block ideas there too :o)

Libby said...

The swap blocks look great - I wish I had the patience to hand piece my work *s*
Love your little quilting surprise - did you free hand your quilting?

Tazzie said...

Dawn, I love those blocks, especially the sig block, it's exactly my taste. Your quilting looks wonderful, and the unexpected surprise on the back is just super!

Tracey said...

I'm loving that signature block, its a pattern I've wanted to do for a long time.

The BOM is neat...I like that it is a little different, the setting is not the normal 3 blocks by 4 blocks blah blah blah. I do like the lighter colorway, very nice!

darlynn said...

So, you are off to Paducah! Make sure to pack your credit card and leave lots of room in the car for all the purchases! I am will have wayyy fun. Love the block exchange. And the quilting...very nice for your "Paducah gifties".

meggie said...

Very nice pics of everything! Love all those colour combinations.

Wendy said...

Your blocks look wonderful, I love the reproduction fabrics.

gwen said...

Repro fabrics are some of my favorites and the signature blocks are just awesome. Your second BOM colourway looks even better than the first one I think maybe because you see less of the colour combination blue/brown around and it is a surprise each time to realise how good they look together. I am curious to see what will become of the well quilted fabric piece! Take care.

Conni Lu said...

I would recognize "Lessons From Mama" anywhere as I machine quilted four of them for four different quilters who took a class making that pattern.
I'm also hoping to go to Paducah as I live only 2-3 hours from there. Depends on how plans work out.