Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finn made me do it...

Yes, so I should have been sleeping - or finishing the quilt for a clas at the LQS, or even packing - but nooooo, I get it in my head I have to take all those itty bitty triangles I cut off from my border I'm piecing for the shop and make some Double X blocks like Finn's! So I stay up until midnight sewing triangles. I finally decided I needed to make just one block before I go to bed.

Well.... I got it all sewn and it didn't look right! Duh, I was so tired I put the lights and darks in the wrong place. BUT - I then got this really cute idea for a center and border with them. So now this morning I had to dummy up a picture in EQ5 so it didn't bug me while I was gone.

The blocks will finish to be 3" square in the center. Larger because they are on point on the border.

For now I"m off to Paducah! See you all sometime next week!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lucy/Bonnie - Laura/Dawn

Hmmmm, I somehow doubt that Laura is going to take me somewhere as exciting as that museum Lucy took Bonnie, and not as healthy as the medicinal store..... but I can guarantee you that we will have a BLAST - and spend way too much money!!!!!
I think we are meeting at the airport - and in the theme of things: Laura and I meeting FINALLY at the airport and Lucy's family on Bonnie's blog.....
The song Junior Birdmen...... (we used to sing this in college - I have no idea why!!! I think we liked making the goggles! Hmmm, this could be quirk #7)!

Up in the air junior birdman
Up in the air upside down
Up in the air junior birdman
Keep your noses off the ground

When you hear the grand announcement
that your wings are made of tin.
Then you know that Junior Birdman,
has turned his box tops in.*

For it takes:
5 box tops,
4 bottle bottoms,
3 coupons,
2 wrappers,
and one thin dime!

B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d-m-a-n
Birdman, Birdman, Birdman

* Alternate Verse
When you hear the doorbell ring (buzz, buzz)
When you see the badge of tin (tin, tin)
Then you know that junior birdman
Has turned his box tops in.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Finn Wants to know my Quirks!!!

Well Finn tagged me this weekend to share 6 of my quirks. Hmmmm, I probably have some better ones, but with my brain all a mush trying to tie up loose ends with work before Paducah - AND my excitement for Wed to get here - this is the best I could do!

1. This one was a no brainer and would and always will be #1 - I HAVE to have a diet coke in the morning. It is basically my cup of coffee! I'm a grouch without.

2. Playing a close second to the above is - "I'm no good for the day until I have a shower". Yup, if I'm camping and there are no showers I'm no good for the day. Basically I need that shower whether I need it or not!!!!!

3. I've gotten into a habit of having to read in bed before I go to sleep with a little flashlight! Yup, it has to be in bed and with my flashlight. Doing it out in the living room just doesn't work right! So just wait Laura until I bring it with me to Paducah! Once I didn't want to bother a friend with it on a trip and I tried to read under the covers like a little kid - didn't work - I got way to hot and stuffy. Only to find out the next morning that she was asleep the second she put her head on her pillow and never even knew I had it out!

4. I have a hard time going barefoot. I have no idea why - but I tend to have tennis shoes on all the time. I can sit on the couch barefoot, and sleep barefoot, but if I'm walking or standing I have to have my shoes on!

5. I have to have popcorn at the movies. Even if I'm stuffed full and just had dinner. I HAVE to have diet coke and popcorn. Although I've lately been going to the movies during mealtime and popcorn is my meal!

6. I just about always fall asleep while riding in the car. Well ok, for any length of time - maybe 45 mins or more. I LOVE the motion of the car, puts me right to sleep - just like a baby!

OK, now that you all think I"m really strange, I get to pick 6 people! Let's see:

Friday, April 21, 2006

Life Continues (badly) at my house....

It is along story and not one I want to go into, but my 18 yr old son continues to be lazy and refuses to go to school because he is "sick". He is sick all right - just pineing (how do I spell that right?) for a stupid girl. So I refused to call him in sick today. He threatened that I would have to go to school and talk to the Deans Monday - I told him fine. So I called school and talked to the Dean of Attendence and told her what was going on, she said no problem. She would talk to him on Monday, but that we didn't need to go in. He is going to have to serve a 3 hr detention on Tues (he doesn't know that yet) and I said good - let him pay the concequences. Ughh. Ok, that was more than I was going to bore you with - but I"ve just had it.

Anyway, I was so mad and upset I left work and came home to cook a nice dinner since my husband complains I don't ever cook nice meals anymore. Don't know how when I'm working 9.5 hr days and driving another 2-3 hrs. Another long story.

So here I am - working from home while I cook dinner. I did finish my first "block" from my house quilt from Australia though! Doesn't it look great! I really like how it turned out! At least I had fun with one thing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes I'm like a chicken with its head cut off!

I'm running around trying to finish things at home and work so I can go play with Laura and her crazy friends in Paducah!

Work continues to be just too much work. As fast as I try and get caught up, more comes in. I've never been this busy in the 22 years I've worked here! But in a way it is good - I'm more determined than ever to go AWAY and not work while in Paducah - like I needed an excuse! :)

And kids and home are fine, just the normal busy. But the quilt shop I did the class at last year has seen some more of my stuff and wants me to do more classes. I agreed since that is MY quilt spending money! So I am teaching another punchneedle class on Saturday - no prep there because I just taught it last month so I have the stuff. But then they wanted me to teach those tote bags I made for my friends birthday, so I had to get a class sample made and supply list done (Class in June). Finished that this week! Wheh! And I'm teaching another class in June on those fun Pet Screen gadget pouches I made. So I had to get those made and the supply list done. Finally got that done also!

And of course I can't leave well enough alone - I decided since Laura and her friends were soooo nice to let me come I had to make a little something for all of them for the trip. Hmmm, do I dare share with you? No - I better not, don't want to spoil Laura's surprise. Needless to say that added 13 more of "something" to my get done list before I go!

AND there is the big secret project I've been working on for our guild's challenge beginning of May. It is 2 days after I get back - so I have to have that done. I'm getting so excited to show you what I'm doing - it is totally twisted!

So, I have all this sewing I have to get done, but I just felt like doing something fun last night. So I did! My friend from Australia sent me 2 really fun new projects for my birthday (I just got the package last week though)! The house block up on top is the first one. I had seen in the AU P&Q magazine this really fun primitive style house quilt. I really wanted it. She tried to get the pattern for me, but it turned out that it was a BOM only - so she bought me the BOM! That is why she held my package so long! This is part of the first month blocks. I still have some hearts and flying geese to do. And in the BOM kit they have all the fabric already cut to size! So I didn't even need to cut the pieces! It is all done for me! This will be another quilt I'll be able to share my progress on with you.
Then at the other end of the spectrum she sent me lime green and aqua fabric from Jan Mullen of Stargazey Quilts and the Leavez pattern! This is so Tonya like in style how you make the leaf blocks! I can't wait to start it! The colors and freeness of this will be so much fun!

Well back to work so I can try and get things under control before I leave!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Finally - All the Quilts from Chicago!

Believe it or not - I FINALLY got all the pictures of the quilts from the Chicago show uploaded on my webshots area! I won't even say much other than what I've shown you so far is only a small portion of the pictures - so go visit when you have plenty of time. I enjoyed looking at them all again this morning, it was even a treat for me! So don't forget to CLICK HERE to go to all the pictures of the Chicago show!

Friday, April 14, 2006

A few more Quilt from Chicago

I thought I would post a few of my favorite quilts from the Chicago show today. Quite a variety, and just because they are my favorites doesn't mean I could attempt to make them! :) Things are busy at work still, so I'll keep the words short and just let the pictures do the talking.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A bit of my own....

Thought I would throw in today a bit of my own projects. The top quilt is my Sunshine on my Shoulders quilt top! I'm just now putting on wide white borders and then I will get it quilted. I'm going to scallop the borders.
I also had to write a mystery quilt for our quilt guild. The goal is to get a lot of people to do it, and then display the finished quilts next spring at our quilt show. It will be a display to showcase how the same quilt can look different with different settings, fabrics, quilting, etc. So I kind of wrote the mystery with that in mind. I"m doing 2 versions of it for myself - I couldn't decide which one to do so I finally decicided to do both!
These fabrics are my wall hanging size. Aren't they lucious! That plum color is to die for! This version will follow the instructions exactly as written. My other version will have some variations and be queen size. That version is going to use those Cherrywood fabrics I bought at the show this last weekend.

Otherwise I'm busy just trying to finish things up at work before I go to Paducah. And I have a few class samples for the quilt shop to finish can get over there. So once again I have a million quilt projects in the fire! Oh and my poor secret project has to get done, done, done before Paducah! Boy - I had better get going!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Are these Quilters NUTS!!!!!

For today's post I thought I would share a few of the quilts where I thought maybe the quilter's were nuts - or if they weren't they are now!!!!!
This hexagon one was AMAZING! The hexagons couldn't have been any bigger than 2" across. Just look at the colors and design. It was a true work of art!
Then in honor of all you who like Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom. Huh - I thought that looked putzy! These pineapple blocks couldn't have been any bigger than 2" across either! Those pineapples were sooo amazing! I just stared and stared. There is no way I would even attempt one of them!

And how about lover's of red! I think by the time this quilt was done you would be sick of it! But it sure would clean out your stash! Again the blocks were fairly small.
Thats all for tonight. I"m beat. It was another long day at work and then straight to the quilt shop to teach a class. Which is fun, but makes for a long day! Night!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My purchases from the show

Before I start off I need to mention to you all that I'm trying to reply to some of the posts/emails, but my email at the moment is bouncing some of the messages back. I can tell it is on my side because it covers all kinds of providers that are coming back. So if you haven't heard from me please know that I"m working on it!

The quilt above was in one of the booths from a quilt store in Wisconsin that is one of my favorites to visit at the show. It is a bit far from me to drive to, but I so want to go see it someday! Anyway this quilt they are doing as a BOM through their store, but I was good and only bought the book! I have tons of fabrics in my stash that will work for it. And wouldn't just a block of it be cute gifts for friends done up as a small wall-hanging! So I bought that book with that in mind! The book is from someone in WI as well. This shop is owned or run by Lisa Bongean who does a lot of primitive stuff and has had those popular wool BOM's. Here is a link to the shop BOM of page: “Loving My Quilts” quilt from Primitive Gatherings in WI. BOM: They are going to be in May's Quilt Sampler magazine and Lisa has designed an AWESOME quilt for that issue:
Now this awesome fabric came from Cherrywood Fabrics. I had first seen them at the show in Madison last fall. I had fallen in love with them, but was good and didn't buy any because I wasn't sure what I would do with them. Well this time I bought these. They are going into a mystery quilt I designed for our guild that is starting next month! They are going to be soooo perfect! They were already out of the yellow one! I need more, but they said they would be at Paducah, so I"m hoping to get more yardage there of that one. If not there is enough here to start what I need and I can order later.
Then came my give. A friend I went with does a lot of miniatures and bright colors. I do traditional and muddy colors. So we did a give and take for our Monday night sewing! This little feathered star finished at only 17"x17"! And I HATE paper piecing! So she is going to help me with this pattern. Darcie had the gall to suggest I just draft it and piece it! Yeah right. These patterns are by Cindi Edgerton and come in little 3" x 3" packets with tissue paper foundations. Just the little packets are adorable! Julie's give was to work on this Judy Rothermel kit we both bought! It is a miniature version of her big civil war quilt in her book. But my miniature I don't mean "miniature" - it is just smaller than the big one! More like wall hanging size. She fell in love with the brown and blue which are so NOT her colors! Of course I love brown, but never work in blue - so this was a good one for me too! Another Monday night project!

Then I bought this little kit from my favorite store near Madison. I try and get there twice a year, but don't always make it. I can do it in a day, but it is a full day. Anyway, they specialize in folk art and reproduction. The coolest thing they do is collect antique quilts and then make patterns of them and kit them. The new quilts look exactly like the antique quilts - it is amazing how close they can come to the original fabrics! I've done many of them. This little quilt they found a pattern, but redid it in civil war fabrics and made it bigger. It is WAY cuter in real life and the fabrics are awesome. So this will be fun to work on sometime. Oh I fogot, the shop is called JJ Stitches and that one was in the Quilt Sampler magazine several years ago. They had the bubble gum pink quilt that was on the cover that year. Oh and the lady who owns this store is who the small nine patch quilt was made for.
Then came all the fun little things I got. The Lickety Grip from Lolly Corp is for your fingers when machine quilting or using your rulers. You rub it on and you get a good grip, but it doesn't leave oil marks. My friend Julie picked that up for us. Then Joan picked up these cute little pre-made appliques for shirts from Applique Buffet. She got some last year and said they hold up so well in the wash! So I have to make a little shirt for Paducah with it! Then of course you need patterns! The bar one is by Judy Rothermel and is adorable in real life, the pattern cover is kind of blah - but it show repro fabric so nicely. And Stone Soup is from one of my favorite quilt stores (Quilters General Store) in Rockford that I get to a few times a year. I saw the quilt in July at our retreat for the store but the patterns were not done yet. So I had to make sure I picked this one up.
And what is a quilt show without books to lug around all day - oh my shoulders are soooo sore! The Gayle Bong one has this really fun quilt in it, so I had to buy the book for that!
Then to wrap it up we found a thread organizer for applique - or whatever - like Karen Kay Buckley uses. So I had to get that! I've been wanting one, but the ones she sells are not my colors or fabric at all - so now I can make my own!!!! Another project for Monday nights! I think we have the next 3 years planned! Julie has that pattern right now, so all I have is the link to it and the web picture.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A few more memorable quilts....

before I go play with all my new stuff! This quilt I loved because I"m so into the stunburst thing right now. I loved the colors and the quilting was so fun with it. The points were so tiny and skinny!

The next quilt was fun because look at how the triangles make points and move around as you stare at it. Who in the world would have the patience to piece something like that! I posted this one because it was next to the above sunburst one so it kind of fit the theme, so I wanted to share it with that one.
Now this next one is one I've seen several times before at shows and at the shop of the lady who owns it. I am working on my version of it! These 9-patches finish off at about 2-1/4"!!!!!! Mine is NOT going to be that tiny. My 9-patches will finish off at 3".
It is called the Birthday Quilt because the girls at the shop cut a small strip of fabric each time a customer bought some that fit the quilt and made this for her! She had seen one like it at Houston a few years ago and talked about it all the time. So her friends surprised her with it for her 50th bday! Talk about nice friends!
Thats all for now - I'm off to finish a quilt top for a class I"m teaching Monday night!!!! Better get going huh!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

What is it about quilts?

What is it about quilts that they speak to me so much? I came home tonight after leaving at 8:30 this morning, fighting hundreds and hundreds of people to move an inch, carried heavy bags miles and miles and just those few (ok maybe more than a few) minutes looking at the quilts made me sooooo happy!
I went to the Chicago Quilt Show today and had such a fun day! I went with friends and ran into tons of other friends. The vendor area was packed. I"ve never seen it so packed. But they had some new quilt vendors this year that were just awesome! And things were much more quilt related than in previous years. And man oh man - was folk art/prim, dusty muted colors and reproduction hot this year! I was in Heaven! Just my thing! Of course it was not good for my pocket book.
And normally the quilts are very artsy and modern. I can enjoy them, but some I just don't get, while others are down right ugly. I miss traditional quilts, and beautiful quilting. Well this year they had an awesome mixture of both! Not that the number of quilts even comes close to Paducah. But they had some gorgeous traditional quilts! Wait till I have time to get all the picutres uploaded for you! I took about 180 pictures!
The quilt I"m showing here was actually in the YLI booth - and yes I asked permission before I took the pictures. Isn't the background quilting just awesome! What a simple easy thing that turns out stunning and gives the piece such texture! And her hair is made out of the King Tut thread and braided also!

Then I accidently got this picture in the no picture section. No not on purpose. The sign was not hung up like in the other areas and it was next to the Amish quilts - so I took it before I read the little write-up which said in small words - no pictures. But I have to share it because I took this picture because it made me think of Tonya and all her Halloween quilts! Isn't that witch just scarey!
Oh and Darcie - Did they have the fibers and embellishments this year. Oh I saw all these funky "fibers" and thought of you. Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to buy any and try them. But I did think of you. And Sharon - there were some small quilts in the Small Wonders (I think that was the name) exhibit that had a few quilts that made me think of Wabi-Sabi! I took pictures of those so I"ll be sharing those over the next few days with you.

For me tonight - I'm dead tired and ready to shut the computer down for the night. So check back in the days to come for more pics of the show!