Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Of scraps and crumbs.....

So - you all want to know what I did with my scraps from the table runners? I made this awesome 8-pointed star! Doesn't it look great! Now I didn't take the time to do Bonnie's lovely string 8-pointed star with no seams. Like I said I wasn't feeling well, so I just plain did not want to think or mess with that. But I still like the result. It is 16" square so I"m going to make it a table topper for my friend for xmas.

But then I had these crumbs from the star. Oh no - the process starts again!

So I made this sawtooth star out of those! This one finishes at about 8" square, so I may just put this block in my block bag for now. And NO - I did not have any teeny tiny crumbs left from this one!

BUT - I did get my AWESOME Hawaiian tool caddy from Sharon! All because I named her purse ricki-ricki-timbo-aw-so-rimbo-oo-ma-goochi-gamma-gamma-goochi. And where did I get that name you might say. I have no idea why this popped in my head, but when I saw the hawaiian stuff I thought of a childhood record we had (and I think it was a Disney record actually) that had this story of Nikki Nikki Timbo Aw So Rembo Oo Ma Goochi Gamma Gamma Goochi on it. So that was the name I gave it! Well then I got thinking about this record and did some searching on the web for it. And I found a free mp3 download of it - the version we had on the record as children!

Click here to get the mp3 download.

Now this story IS NOT politically correct at all these days - so no nasty comments about that. Remember this story was back in the 60's - I have no idea when the record came out. Can you believe this was on a disney record! So as a thank you I sent Sharon the story. But you can listen too. Just take it for what it is, a funny chinese story. Or you can see what Wikipedia has to say about the old folktale here. And just a written version of the story if you can't download the mp3 is on this site - but it is much better with the music on the mp3 version.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2 more table runners done!

I was a bit under the weather this weekend so didn't get any quilting on the nativity wall hangings done, but I did manage to get the 2 other tabler runners sewn! I love how they all turned out!

Well then I decided that I had to do something with my scraps from trimming the braids. Geez, Tonya and Bonnie have gotten to me! YIKES! So first I sewed the scraps into "new fabric" pieces.

I"ll show you what I did with those tomorrow!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Really cute table mat!

Look at the really cute table mat I made this last weekend at Sossy's house! I got the idea from Tazzie, who used Bonnie's braid instructions. I took those and tweaked them and got this cute table runner! I have 2 more to make for xmas gifts. I really like how it turned out!

And look what I got in the mail! 3 of my favorite patterns from Marcie! Now to find time to make them! Oh I need more hours in the day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I was lax in telling you about Laura's

Yes, I was lax in telling you about my wonderful visit to Laura's house before I went to Sossy's. I must make that up right now! Any of you who read Laura's blog have heard numerous stories from her about her cooking delights! Yes, she is a gourmet chef! Who could forget the hamburger episode this summer. Or how much her family loves Jeno's Pizza Rolls.

Well Laura calls me on my way down to her house. "Don't eat lunch, I'm cooking you something. That should give you something to think about on your drive down". Hmmm - Now Laura hasn't been shy about sharing her cooking stories. I've heard how she is wonderful at snack type foods, but meals - not so much. So Laura is cooking me lunch - and she is sharing that tidbit of knowledge with me. It's got me thinking all right. As I near her house I look for smoke, and hope the farmhouse is still standing. I debate - should I really stop at McD's before I go there?! I turn onto her road - no smoke, no flames. Well, maybe I'm so late she trashed the meal and got it cleaned up. Or she chickened out on me!

But NO! She cooked me this delicious pasta dish in her pressure cooker! It was wonderful! And she said it cooks in like 15 mins or something like that. I've never had a pressure cooker so had no idea! She thought it was a bit mushy - but I loved it! I even liked the garlic bread she made, that she wasn't so fond of and fed the dog!

Anyway, I"m so sorry Laura. I should have remembered to tell everyone of your cooking success! And here I am living to tell about it!

As for the quilt above to tie in quilts. I got all 4 of my Nativity quilt tops done on our weekend! Now to get them quilted!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We had a great time!

It was a wonderful weekend! We had so much fun! Above is Sossy, Heather and Laura working away... it was pretty late by the time I snapped this, so it is blurry. (Oh and I had the stupid setting set on my camera that makes it really hard to get a clear picture). And below is Lanna working on a really cute punchneedle project she drew!

Below is a sneak peek at what I worked on. Here is the manger for my nativity...

And I made another pincushion! (OK, I haven't sewn the wool shut yet. But I did get the sand in and the liner sewn shut)!

Last but not least look at this adorable wool felt green pumpkin Laura made for us! It was filled with candy! She made a ton of green, orange and gold ones. She posted about them not too long ago on her blog. They were so adorable! I spent a lot of time just visiting and having a great time. I did finish a few things and I'll share those later this week. Just wanted to pop in and say hi! (Ahhhh, yes I need to dust - so ignore that!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Remember Slumber Parties!

Remember the days of giggling all night long, pizza, pop, singing and dancing all night long? Well Laura, Sossy and I are having a slumber party this weekend with our friend Lanna and maybe her sister-in-law. I can't wait. I leave in the morning! I have some projects packed and am bringing the pizza! (Those girls in central Indiana are so deprived in the pizza area - I had to bring some real Chicago pizza down for them!) And I know there will be lots of giggling and pop, but we also have graduated to wine! Dancing - I doubt it! But there will be lots of sewing!

I"ve picked up my strippy coin quilt again to finish quilting it. It got too hot over the summer to hand quilt it. The center is done and I"ve got all the one direction of the diamonds done in the outer border. I"m working on the lines in the other direction now. I"m debating whether I should do a single line inbetween the double lines to make smaller diamonds? What do you think?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pincushion Crazy

I was so inspired by Marcie's (Patchalot More) wool pincushions I finally hauled out my kit I bought this summer from my FAVORITE quilt shop JJ Stitches and made one of them! It's cute but looks kind of plain compared to Marcie's wonderful turkey and chicken. I LOVE her chicken so much! There are 3 others in the kit so now that I have them started I think I"ll keep working on them one by one!

Oh and one other thing - don't look at my stitches too closely. They are not by any means as perfect as Marcie's. How does she do it?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Away in the Manger

Didn't get too much done this weekend. Jenna is home from college for the first time and of course "NEEDED to go SHOPPING". So we shopped the weekend away. She got some really cute dress clothes for their dress days and some warmer things now that weather is finally getting cooler.

Anyway, Joseph and Mary did get completed! Next step will be the baby!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

REVISED 10-15-07

in my sewing room anyway! Above the roof of the stable and the top of the star. Below Mary and Joseph take shape.

Mary and Josephs hands and the bottom of the star.

Since these are paper pieced and I'm not the best at this technique I have lots of scraps. All but the smallest are going into liberated log cabin blocks - they are looking good! Not sure what I"ll do with them yet, if I'll combine them with other fabrics or just make a mini quilt with just scraps from the nativity scenes. As you can see, not much waste left! And I have no idea how I'll set them or what size/layout they will be.

If you want to see my other Liberated Log Cabin quilt I made from my class with Gwen Marston you can see it here, and here, and here. Ok - and here and here.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just a quick update

I finished my Lori Smith top! Now to figure out how to quilt it! And on to the 100 other things I need to work on!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Row, row, row your boat!

What a fun day I had yesterday! I went to Moline IL to see Jenna race on the Mississippi in her 2nd ever regatta! Of course the mens races were the best - it is amazing how fast they go! It was a balmy 88 degrees (can you believe that!) and perfect day out. My face is a bit fried though! Above is Jenna doing her coxswain duties on the varsity 4 boat. (Jenna is the one with the gray Tshirt on telling the girls what to do!)

In the above picture you can barely make out Jenna's head! She was in a boat this race where the coxswain lays down and you only see the top of her head!
In the second race she was in the #2 seat in the Novice 8 race. She is second from the right.

And their off! The row 2.5 miles upstream, rest and then race back downstream the 2.5 miles. It takes about 15 mins to row the 2.5 miles.

Crossing the finish line. Jenna is now 2nd from the left.

Unloading the boat. Jenna is 2nd from the left.

And a small peek at my next project! These blocks finish at 4"! Another Lori Smith pattern.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My biggest accomplishment lately

This is my biggest accomplishment lately! I"ve been working on this for the last few months with nothing to show for it. You've seen it before without the applique and Paducah 9-patch blocks - but look at it now!

This is a medallion challenge quilt I"m doing with a group. I have 2 more rounds to go. But I was just so glad to get these 2 rounds done!

Round 1 - Your Favorite: your favorite fabric, block, color, whatever
Round 2 - Frame It
Round 3 - Diamonds are a girls best friend
Round 4 - Bountiful Garden
Round 5 - 9 Patch
and then coming yet
Round 6 - Starry Starry Night
Round 7 - Finish It: whatever you need to do to finish off the top.

I think I know what I"m going to do for round 6. Now just to find the time.

Oh and Laura thought of a perfect name for my halloween quilt - Spooktacular Booquet! Isn't that perfect!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Boo-tiful Boo-quet done!

I got the gift Boo-tiful Boo-quet done! And I'll have it on its way to its owner this weekend! I'm happy with how it turned out! The weekend was spent quilting this and getting it DONE!

And in some of the white places I quilted with glow in the dark thread so that when she turns out the lights it will glow! How fun is that!