Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's the Fabric

I know, you all are asking - "Where's the Fabric"! That is what you really want to see isn't it? I know it is. Yes, yes - I did buy fabric! How can you got to Paducah and not find fabric and a new project or two?!!!! I eyed and drooled over the kit above at the Chicago show, and then saw it again in Paducah. I finally went back the last day and bought it. Sure I could have just bought the pattern, but the kits they had made up were just so wonderful, and I love the small quilt made with the scraps!

And I'm a sucker for Carol Hopkins patterns. Quilts Plus had this fairly new pattern of Carol's kitted up in these wonderful fabrics, with the awesome border print (and sashing) that I just couldn't resist.

Then of course there are the whim purchases - and surprises! I just HAD to buy this chicken head pattern. I guess because it looks so much like I feel these days! So then I decided if I was really going to go wild, I needed some fun fabrics to make it with. So I got the green and black batik's at Hancock's. It will be just a really quick fun project to make.
I had seen the Untitled project made up on the internet recently in reproduction fabrics - and was it GORGEOUS! I don't think the pattern picture does it justice. So when I came across this pattern I had to get it! And I saw the Primitive Gatherings wool mat made up on Colleen's (I think) blog - so had to get that! I debated the kit, but you know - you have to draw the line somewhere!

Last I found this wonderful moda fabric in the back room of Hancock's ready to be cut into 1 yard cuts for the flat fold sale tables. I grabbed the lady and asked if I could just get a bunch of yardage uncut for the same price. She said of course! So I got 8 yards of this fabric for $5 a yard! (Plus no digging to find 8 - 1 yard pieces!) I was a happy girl!

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Goodies

Thought I would share a few more goodies from Paducah with you. Above is a necklace I treated myself too - isn't is cool!

And then I found these 2 japanese books I've been looking for, for awhile now. Oh are they wonderful! Course I can't read japanese, but I might be able to make some things from looking at the pictures and templates. They won't be as beautiful I"m sure, but could turn out cool.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thank you Andrea - And Paducah!

Look what was waiting for me tonight when I got home from Paducah! Andrea sent me this awesome package! First this wonderful quilt. The picture doesn't do it justice. The colors are so wonderful!

And I also got these awesome socks she made and these adorable buttons! I love them all! Thank you so much Andrea!

And just a peek at a few goodies from Paducah - more later, I"m beat right now.

Linda made me this beautiful chatelaine for a roommate gift! Isn't it wonderful! And I didn't have one so I was excited to get it!

Here are some fabrics I picked up (totally not my normal style) for Emily's graduation quilt.

And here is my annual underwear fabric! For some reason every year when I go to Paducah I get a new piece of underwear fabric. I have no idea why, but it is a fun thing to look for!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodies and more wonderful Quilts

Here are my fun fabric purchases from the show!

And more gorgeous antique quilts.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicago Quilt Festival Goodies

Had a great time at the last Quilt Festival that will be in Chicago. Next year it moves to Cincinnati, Ohio. I wasn't going to go at first since I"m going to Paducah this week, but well, when I heard this was the last year in Chicago I figured I had better go. Lots to share with you, more than one post can handle, so I"ll try and limit it here! Above are 2 purses I made from a kit (the one on the left) and pattern I bought at the show. That is going to be my purse for Paducah! The one on the right will be for my friend as a gift.

Also made these 2. The one on the left is for my sister and the one on the right is for Holly. Jenna said they were ugly - so none for her. And I knew Emily would stick her nose up at them! This is the pattern I used.

This year they had a lot of antique quilts in the show. Oh they were SO GORGEOUS. How could I ever pick a favorite. So here are just a few favorites.