Friday, May 28, 2010

Last bday block for a few weeks!

And here is the birthday block I finished tonight for my friend Ginny. I actually have this one done ahead of time. That isn't to say it won't take me past her birthday to mail it! Need to take a break and work on Emily's graduation quilt now!

Another Bday Block

This birthday block is for Laura. Yes I'm way behind on hers too! But it is now done and ready to mail. It is from the Nearly Insane book, which I thought was appropriate since I was TOTALLY INSANE for making it!

Happy Late Birthday Laura!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I"ve been busy with work and then took a trip out east to visit my mom and sister. Got back and then my pc crashed. I've finally got it back working and have a few minutes to breathe! I figured my first order of business was to get some birthday blocks done for the birthday block swap my group of friends and I are doing. Above is Roseanna's Hummingbird. We lost Roseanna this fall so se decided to make blocks that make us think of her and make the quilt for her brothers. I need to add some morning glories yet to make the block 9" square, but I had to share the hummingbird - isn't it great!

And this is a flower for Viki. I hope she likes Birds of Paradise! Actually I hope she can figure out what it is! Paper piecing isn't my strongest suit!

I"ve also been working on Emily's graduation quilt. I"ll have to get pictures of that later.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Late Bday Gift and Purses Galore

Look at the ADORABLE quilt my friend from Australia made me for my birthday! Isn't it great! It took me a bit to post this.

And I've been busy making purses. I loved my purse I made so much from the kit I got at the chicago show I needed to make one for summer!

I'm going to visit my sister this week out east so I made her one along with our friends out there!
For the 2 little girls I made purses without zippers! Aren't they fun!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Is this cool or what!

I finished it all! Totally! Here is my border/background quilt with my seasonal wool wall hanging on it! The cool part? How I have the seasonal wool part attached.

Look closely at the back.... see anything shiny?

I"ll zoom in a bit. Yup, I used rare earth magnets. Boy are those things strong!

On the back of the wool part I made little pockets and sewed a magnet in them. Then when I want to hang it up on the background you just hold another magnet up on the back of the border quilt and it sucks right up to the one on the wool mat! Is that cool or what! So now I can make different wool centers for each month of the year, and just change them quickly with the magnets!

And look - it works on the fridge too!

Here is the border/background quilt without the wool center. How fun is that!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Really Cool Ruler

Last month at our guild we had a demo on this really cool ruler to make a Hunter's Star block. I"m going to use this to make Emily's graduation quilt, but wanted to make sure I knew how to do the process before I cut all the fabric out! So above is the NICU quilt I made with it! It was SO EASY!

I used the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler by Debbie Tucker. You have to try it! The instructions are really good, with lots of pictures and clear directions. I whipped this up in no time at all. Started it Saturday and finished it on Sunday. And this week I've almost got all 80 blocks made for Emily's quilt - that is how fast it goes!

You can see a demo of how to use this ruler on you tube given by Bayside Quilting. Try it out!