Saturday, May 31, 2008

Choices, choices

I got all 20 Album blocks done and the half blocks!

I skipped step 4 because I was thinking of changing that block a bit - so now it is time for some choices. I"m going to try and get the poll up in the right hand corner of my side bar for your vote.

Right hand side of picture - tri-recs stars instead of friendship stars.
Left hand side - Green Friendship stars.
Left hand side again - yellow friendship stars.
Trash it all - start over......

Thursday, May 29, 2008

20 Blocks Done!

Got my 20 blocks done for Orange Crush! Still have to do the partial blocks yet.

And then I had to play quick with some pieces from step 4 which I haven't made yet!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Orange Crush, and my silly dog!

I got 4 whole blocks made for part 5 of the Orange Crush mystery. I can't wait to see it all come together now!

Wanted to show you what my silly dog does when she wants attention. At night when I am working I put my laptop on the ottoman so I can watch TV and watch my stuff run. If Chloe wants attention she comes over and puts her head on my keyboard! And if I"m typing to puts her head on my hands and pushes down really hard so I can't type. I tried to snap a picture, but of course every time I tried to snap the pic she looked up! Silly girl.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Of course I"ve got multiple projects going!

Yup, whats new? I always have more than one project going! First off, my favorite lilac bush is blooming in our yard! Don't you just love those flowers! And the smell is wonderful, although I can't bring them indoors, it is so strong I get a headache!

And a new peek at my Kentucky Wildflower quilt. I got the stems on while at mom's house!

I"ve got 3 baby quilts to get made. So I"m working on 2 of them right now. So just a peek at the fun fabrics! You'll have to wait to see the finished product later! (I've got 2 girl quilts to make and I"m loving this one - so I"m thinking I"m going to make a duplicate for it). The top buggy is my favorite one!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just got home!

Just got home from Delaware. Look at my mom's gorgeous azaleas outside my bedroom window.

And I had some goodies waiting for me! First off Wendy from Snippets of a Quilter was so kind to send me some leftovers of the Japanese fabrics she used for that absolutely wonderful little japanese sewing bag she made. I"m going to attempt to wing it and make it. We will see how it goes! Thank you so much Wendy!

And Darlene from Tizzyquilting saw my pig fabric I bought for my friend in Paducah and while going through her stash found this hysterical flying pig fabric and sent it to me for her. Isn't it a riot! Thank you Darlene!

And last but not least, I had won from Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts a drawing for a kit for her Dandelion Girl Fabric Line. Well it arrived while I was gone! Oh it is soooo pretty! Thank you Joanna! I"m going to be busy now!

Maybe I should go away more often!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I"m off for a few days.

I"m off for a week to visit my mom and sister and her family! It is my nephew's Confirmation this weekend and we are having a big confirmation/8th grade graduation/13th bday party for him! I'll be back later next week. (Thats him being a ham last summer when I took him to the Wisconsin Dells for a vacation)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Did I ever get anything done with quilting

I"m beginning to wonder if I have ever gotten anything done with quilting! Lately it seems I either have no time at all, or what I do do, is just playing around. Ughhh. So just some more misc finishes. I had another request from Holly and her BF for a another Purdue pillow for BF's little brother. (Little brother wants BF's!) So I finally got it made and mailed off today!

And I got Orange Crush part 3 done! I liked that feeling!

And one strange thing about me. I hadn't worn sandals or flip flops in years. My feet are so allergic lately to stuff flip flops and sandals are made out of that I gave up trying. I suffer with socks and sneakers. Well last year I tried a pair of Teva flip flops. They weren't so rubbery like the cheap ones. Oh my gosh! I LOVE them! They are so cushy and I have no problem with rashes and hives on my feet! AND they don't hurt between your toes! Oh and they have good arches for me in them. I have small feet, so I have a hard time finding them in my size. I love the pair I got last year, but wanted a few more fun pairs. So I broke down and ordered 2 more pairs online last week. And they came today! Aren't they fun colors! I wanted a pink pair too, but the design on the pink pair I didn't like. So for now I"m using the blue, lime and teal colorways. (below are my old trusty pair, all molded to my feet!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I did it!

I got Orange Crush Part 2 done! Woooo Hooo!

And here is a quick bulls-eye type charity quilt I made. Not much else, just busy running errands with the girls this weekend!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Busy Again

Yup, still busy at work - so just to let you know I"m alive - a little humor!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some Teeny Finishes

Finally got a chance to get the binding on 2 more little quilts. I just love the brown and green! The 4 patches finish to 1" x 1"! Each little square finishes to only 1/2"!

And I made this 100 patch from the leftover scraps! Entire quilt finished at 6" x 6"!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finally some sewing!

Got a bit of sewing done this weekend! Actually I spent a lot of time cutting out my pieces for Orange Crush Step 2. Didn't start sewing yet as that kind of sewing is good for me during the week when I get home from work and am tired. So you'll see that later in the week. I finally got a purdue pillow case made for Holly's boyfriend's younger brother. He has been bugging Holly for one ever since he saw Holly's.

And I finished 2 more stitchery blocks. Aren't they wonderful! I'm not sure how I"m going to set them yet in a quilt, I'll decide that once I get them all done.

I also put some bindings on some small quilts and started a few more small quilts. You'll see those later also. But at least I did get some sewing done!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Last of the "Finds"

Here is the last of my "finds" at Paducah. I got these 2, 5 fabric, 1 yard cut bundles for just over $30 each! One is for my repro stash and the other is for a boy's baby quilt I have to make! Works out great doesn't it!

At the same booth I also got 13 half yard cuts of the Judy Rothermel Civil War Dressing Gowns line for just over $30! And I got the other civil war shirting bundle at another booth for some great price which I can't remember now!

I found this adorable little quilt stand for a small (very small) quilt for $6 at another booth! Bought the last one they had! I have to find some small hangers yet for it. It has little hooks on it so maybe I'll sew some ribbon loops on the quilt to hang if from.

And my favorite useful fine - these Kai scissors. I know they sell this brand in Australia and a few years ago I begged my friend in AU to buy me a bigger pair with micro serated blades on them. They are my favorite scissors for cutting applique pieces. The micro serated blades keep the fabric from slipping and they cut exactly where you want it to. Well at Linda's house I found out that Linda and Jan each had a pair similar to the small ones but with yellow handles that are made by Omnigrid and Kai. (I think they said they found them at Michaels one time, they look like this.) I used them and they were as sharp and wonderful as you could want. So I told Jan to keep her eyes out for them. Well she came up with these for me! I was soooo happy I bought both pairs! They weren't "finds" because of price - but "finds" because I was sooooo HAPPY to find them! If you ever see them get a pair - you won't be dissapointed!

My funny purchase was the above magnestic pad of paper for my sister. I know she will get such a huge kick out of the 50's style lady with the saying on it! It really made me laugh.

Have you ever seen these? They have little metal trays, towels, pads of paper and such with June Cleaver type women and they hysterical sayings. Above are a few of my favorites.

And last but not least my roommate gift from Linda. Have you ever heard or seen the show on cable "Pimp my Ride". Well Linda made us all kits for "Pimp your Pincushion"! I have to make mine yet! Isn't that too funny! She even made fun little pins for it! And the custom clothespins were made by Jan!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A bit of fabric...

So everyone is wondering if I bought any fabric? Oh come on now - of course I did! Today I"m sharing my favorite fun fabric purchases. Last year I came across the above bra and panty fabric. I wasn't looking for it - I just "saw" it. So for some reason I had to get some.

Well this year while browsing around I came across this awesome bra fabric! Decided I HAD to have this too. Is it not just awesome!

So now our group is wondering why I"m hooked on undies fabric! I have no idea, I just thought it was fun. Someone found this one above for me - too funny!

I also was on a search for teal/blue/green and brown fabrics. Holly wants me to make a quilt for her friend at school who is getting a new apartment and decorating in these colors. She found a really easy fun pattern a few weeks ago she loved for it. The above fabrics are the ones she likes for it.

And these are the rejects.

Last but not least is a funny FQ I found for a friend here at home. She loves pigs. So I had to get the Bacon and Eggs fabric! They had another one that was sheep before and after sheering. I'll tell you, those naked sheep were soooo funny!