Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flora and Fauna from my trip!

First off, how adorable are these babies that came to visit me in my friends front yard one day! The older ones were a bit farther away and a whole group of them up on hill. But I couldn't resist snapping these guys!

And I got to see a Kookaburra! Who didn't learn that little song as a young child!

Cockatoo's everywhere!

Of course I got up close to a Koala Bear - but no touching - that is a no no. Besides - check out those claws!

More Kangaroos! They were so adorable, you got to go right inside the fence with them.

And this Emu loved me! He followed me all over the zoo and kept putting his face right in my face! As you can tell my friends Jody and Laurie thought it was hysterical!

Lots of wonderful flowers - even though it was fall! I LOVED the gum blossoms. And the Bird of Paradise.

The trees were even amazing! The top picture are Morton Fig Trees.

Lorikeets everwhere too - but they were harder to get pictures of!

And of course your YUCKY animals - HUGE spiders and snakes. The Red Bellied Black snake is very poisonois - so I was glad it was dead!

A Tasmanian Devil! And now I know why they alway depict him whirling around. this thing didn't stop once! He was always on the move!

And above, the fern like things are Budawang (In the Budawang Range). The aboriginals and local people used to grind up the roots to make a flour for damper (bread). Maybe the still do? Not sure.

And below are the views I had most every day out the front and back of my friends house! It was heaven!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

While in Sydney we went shopping in this gorgeous building - the Queen Victoria Building. It is absolutely beautiful. Inside and out!

Check out the elevator!

And the clocks!

And the stained glass and ceiling.

But most of all - the floors!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bateman's Bay, Australia

Some pics from Bateman's Bay, Australia - it was beautiful!

And driving to it in the middle of the curving and winding roads through the mountains we passed Pooh's Corner! I could only grab quick pictures because there was NO shoulder to pull over and there cars behind us. So I snapped as fast as I could!