Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Finished quilting my spring tree in my Primitive Primer quilt tonight! I have about 1/2 of the quilt quilted now! Next up will be the flowers in the pot.

I also made these 2 Sewing Bags for on the go projects to put in our guild boutique. I got the idea from Qulting in Mequon - "My Life with Thread and Needle".

And if you want to know a bit more about me; check out Micki's blog - I'm the June Star!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Salisbury House

Wanted to share this AWESOME house with you. We went to tour it one day while I was in Des Moines. Of course I took about 3 pictures and my camera battery died so Jenna was kind enough to take pics on her iphone for me. So these are as good as I got.

Salisbury House was built by Edith and Carl Weeks from 1923 thru 1928. It was modeled after "The King's House" manor house used by royalty in Salisbury England dating back to the 13th century.

Carl Weeks had made his fortune from women's cosmetics - the Armand Cosmetics Company.

The house is absolutely beautiful! Check out the closets! I want closets like those!

Can't you just picture being a lady strolling the gardens with not a care in the world! Wouldn't that be nice!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's Adventure

I've been spending a long weekend with my daughter Jenna in Des Moines - look what we saw today! Do you know what Meredith is?

Here is a clue.

Yup, the company that publishes American Patchwork and Quilting! Oh would I love to work for that magazine! Too bad I can't write (or edit)!

We even took a walk through the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden. It was really nice! It was spinkling a bit, but it didn't bother me, but DD was a bit concerned about her hair!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My latest "almost" finish. Got the binding on, just have to hand sew it down!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's finally spring in the midwest!

It takes some time, but spring finally arrived! Since I"m not quite done with my next project I want to share with you, I"ll share these pictures of our beautiful tree in our yard!

Even got some honey bees!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Come on Baby, Lets do the Twist

I spent the day "twisting"! Start with some simple squares like above.

Then use the magic twister ruler to cut out new squares.

Sew those squares together.

And look at the fun pinwheel twist quilt you get!

I have twist rulers in 3 sizes, one for 10" blocks, one for 5" blocks and one for 3.5" blocks. Today I used the 5" block ruler. Check out the Twister and Lil' Twister here.

For the 3.5" block size, buy the Primitive Gatherings Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheel pattern.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Versatile Blogger

Look what I found in my mailbox the other day! (Yes it takes me awhile to get to things these days!). A Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so much Pat! Please go check out Pat's blog - Quilts and Other Hobbies - you won't be sorry you did! I've followed Pat's blog for a long, long time and always enjoy what is going on in her studio!

I"m not so sure I"m deserving of this lately, but it did make me happy! Versatile? Or is it just plain craziness on my part! I think the hardest part is thinking of 7 things to share with you about me. Why is it so fun to read things about other people, but when it is my turn I come up blank? OK, so here goes - hope you don't fall asleep!

1. I was born a cheesehead (born in Wisconsin)

2. I once brought a puppy home from camp without telling my parents!

3. In my high school and college years I was a dancer want a be. (That is me front right with long braids)

4. I"ve only lived in one state all my life. (I was born in WI, but lived in IL)

5. I actually stepped over the Mississippi River at its beginning.

6. I saw the Berlin Wall (while it was still up) and went through Checkpoint Charlie.

7. I have 3 daughters, a brunette, a blonde and a redhead (all natural). I also have 1 son who's hair color is a touch of brown, blonde and red.

Now, on to the new awardees (it is so hard to pick!):

But what makes all of these 6 blogs wonderful, are the wonderful, sweet, friendly ladies behind each - I wish I could meet them all in real life!

1. KarenDianne at LeeHaven - She is always working on something gorgeous.
2. Anita at Hayestackhayes - I always find her dolls just wonderful! And her projects fun.
3. Taryn at Reproduction and Antique Quilt Lover - One word describes this blog - DROOL
4. Janet at Quiltsalott - OK, another big DROOL
5. JulieQ at JulieKQuilts - I always love what she is working on!
6. Linda at the Quilted Pineapple - Another fun blog to see what is going on!