Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Gift

I needed a quick gift for a special someone of my daughters who is graduating from law school in May.  While we are NOT Packers fans, he is and I found this quilt kit in a store.  It was so fast to make and is at the quilters as we speak.  Should be ready for graduation in May!  The pattern is "Take 5 Goes Crazy".

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lets go back to January

I wanted to go back to January and share something I made for a friend and I that I hadn't posted yet!  Yes, so I"m really late in sharing!  My friend wanted this sewing pouch for a small rotary mat and some tools to take with places.  She had seen this pattern and had been bugging me for months to sit down and help her make it.  Her birthday is in January - so I surprised her with one all made up!  Above is mine on the left and hers on the right!  Aren't they cute!

I loved this kitchen fabric and had no idea what to use it for - so I decided my travel case was just going to have to be kitchen themed!  My friend loves quilting fabrics.  Want a peek inside?  (Yes I bought her those notions to go inside as part of the surprise too).

My first try was horrid!  I had picked out all this cute valentines fabric that said I Love You along with some quilting fabric and fussy cut everything.  Not until it was done did I realize that the front pocket of the inside also shows on the outside!  I know - not hard to realize that, but I just didn't "think"!  Anyway, I gave this one to my friend for her to give her granddaughter who has started doing redwork.  So for her it was fun for grandma to give to her.  Just had to share another fun project I did this winter!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I was busy at retreat!

Took last weekend off and went on a quilt retreat!   It was wonderful.  And I worked hard!  First above is my done done done easy street!  Quilted and bound!

And the rest of the weekend I worked on little gifts for my girls weekend at the beach coming up.  Screen Pouches for us (the drink ones) and 3 pink ones for the daughters left at home!

And then fabric wallets.

And last - beach bags!  I still have 4 more beach bags to make.  But at least I got 2 done.

And this is the back of them.