Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A peek at some stuff I got

I am far from being unpacked yet! But so many have asked what I all bought I did take time to show you some of my deals. I bought the above book (full price) that just came out from Primitive Gatherings. There are so many projects in this book, it is awesome! The below wall hanging is what I want to make!

Then come the deals! I got all these patterns at Hancock's of Paducah for 1/2 off!

Got these books at the AQS book sale for $5 each!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I"m Back!

Back from Paducah! What a wonderful time we all had. What could anyone ask for other than good friends, lots of laughing, great food, spectacular quilts and lots of shopping! I have to catch up on work and laundry and get my pics off my camera yet, but I thought I would share some stitchery I did in the car down and back from Paducah. These are Bea's (Capricorn Quilts) blocks she designed - aren't they great! My stitching isn't the best, but her design is wonderful! I have 2 more blocks to catch up with yet, but those will have to wait until I catch up with normal life (ughh)! Off to bed!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its countdown time!

It is countdown time! Only 3 more days and I"m off for Linda's house to go to Paducah with Linda, Jan and the "crew"! I"m so bummed Laura can't come this year, so I guess I'll just have to shop for her!

I did manage to do a few finishes, although I"ve been so busy at work trying to get everything done before I leave. Above is my mom's star quilt. When I was visiting last summer she saw this in "Laps from Fats for Family and Friends" and just loved it. Wanted to know if I would make it for her if she bought the fabrics. Of course I would! Bonnie quilted it for me months ago before she moved, but I never had time to get the binding on. Well the binding is on, and it is all washed and crinkly! It is off to live with my mom mid-May when I go out! So I thought I should enjoy it for a few weeks before it leaves!

And I quilted, bound and washed my Broken Dishes quilts from my Kathleen Tracy workshop she did. The quilt is from her book "Prairie Children and their Quilts". Didn't it turn out adorable!

And look what I did with all my scraps from it!

Oh and look what I got in the mail yesterday! One of Darlene's famous pincushions! Aren't the colors/fabrics great! THANK YOU SO MUCH Darlene!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What do 185 4-patches look like?

Like this! I know, I know. I only needed 150. Well I kind of got carried away! Now I can pick the ones I like best I guess!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Under Construction

Finally converting over to the new template layout formats.... Please be patient!

I Wonder as I Wander

Jacquie Harvey left a message last night on my blog about her quilt I saw this weekend. She made the blue and white one below called "I Wonder as I Wander". Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! Oh but you MUST go see her website and see all the gorgeous things she has made! Absolutely stunning!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

A few more quilts from the Chicago Quilt Festival. First off - my favorite of the bunch - was this rooster quilt! It was sooo awesome. It was the grand champion if the "Celebrate Spring" exhibit. It was so amazing. (Oh and forgive my blury pics. I haven't figured out what makes some so clear and some so blurry! Well besides me being a bad photographer!)

And my dream is to someday be able to make a triple feathered star! I just love the lime green in this one!

And look at this broken star! It was AMAZING!

And can you imagine making this as a baby quilt! I can't even image doing it for a wall-hanging!

And last but not least - 9 patches for everyone!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kris - Email me....

Kris from the Netherlands - you have no reply for your comment. I will say hi to Petra for you tomorrow as I am going back to her booth. Please email me! How fun!

Oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! Looky, Looky, Looky!!!!

Look what I found! Some Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics! There was a Quilt Store (Petra Prins Patchwork & Quilting) from the Netherlands at the Chicago Quilt Festival this year and they had the Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics! And she had a little pattern to put together with the panel (below) that Lucy gave me as a gift last year! I've been afraid to use it as I wanted it to be very special and Dutch! And now I have it! I need to go back Saturday and buy a small sampler pack yet for the hour glasses and squares - but I was out of money last night! But isn't this panel AWESOME! (Go to the link - De Winkel- to see how cute the shop is!)

We shopped for about 4 hours and only got through 1/2 the vendors! YIKES! I"m going back on Saturday and am meeting up with Sossy! Won't that be fun! The plan was for me to get all my stuff last night so I could just do what Sossy wanted to do on Saturday. Well best laid plans! I'm sure she won't mind stopping at a few booths for me!

Only got to see one short quick row of quilts as we headed out the door. I"ll be doing that on Saturday too! So here are just a few for you to see......

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A new finish for an old top!

I made this quilt top about 6 or 7 years ago. The pattern was in an AU Patchwork and Quilting magazine (I think the pattern name was Darcy Days) and was kind of a study in color. You found a fabric with a large print and lots of color. Then for the other fabrics in the quilt (whether they were bought or in your stash) you only used the little circle registration marks on the print fabric selvage to pick from. (And am I mad I didn't save my selvage edge now to put on the back!)

It really opened my eyes to how many colors are in a print fabric that you "don't see". And how well some of those colors go, even if you don't they do at first. And when I picked fabrics I bought from the sale table at a LQS and didn't pay attention to design, just color. Some of the uglies I bought and put in this top are now some of my favorite fabrics!

The color scheme is a bit 70's-ish, but I really like how this top came out! And I finally got it quilted and bound!

You should all try this sometime - it really was fun and a great learning tool!

Monday, April 07, 2008

A few more Butterflies....

Busy, busy, busy is my name these days. But I thought you might like to see the other winning butterfly quilts. Above is first place traditional.

And first place art.

Then second place art was mine, and second place traditional is above.

Third place traditional above.

Third place art.

And one honorable mention.

But look at these too! The first one was all cathedral windows! And my friend Julie put these gorgeous little crystals on hers.