Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another kit ready!

Spent some time today getting another kit ready for camp!

Now if I could find the fabric I need to finish an UFO!   Found everything bit the background fabric. Looks like I will be doing some cleaning tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What a treat I have for you today!!!!!!

Did you see the above page in the Fall 2013 Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine?  Did your eye go right to the center right picture and that ADORABLE basket of Diane Knott's?  Well mine did and I just HAD to have one.  I contacted Diane to see if she remembered where she found that basket.  And I got a lovely note back and she did know! 

So of course I had to order 2 for me and 2 for gifts!  And get this!  The maker's name is Dawn!  So we have been chatting and calling ourselves "The Other Dawn"!  (Dawn just isn't that common of a name)

I bought the Sewing Cabin Boy (back) and the Small Spindle Sewing Basket (front) in purple for me!  The small spindle basket I plan to use like Diane does in her picture.  But for now I just had some Fat Quarters handy and put them in for decoration!

Then I bought a blue and a maroon small spindle sewing basket for friends for surprise gifts!  One right away for a birthday and the other for Christmas (can you believe I just bought my first Christmas gift for this year!)

And in the background is my new old Singer 401A.  A friend at work mentioned he had this old sewing machine that his grandmother used when he was growing up and it has been collecting dust in their house.  He was throwing it out but knew I quilted, so asked if I wanted it!  Did I!  Yes I did!  So I told him I would be more than happy to take it off his hands.  I offered to pay for it and he kept declining!  What a find.  So the day I picked it up from him at work I had gotten a gift certificate for his family to go out to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  No way was I not thanking him for this baby!  She needs a bit of oiling and cleaning, but otherwise is in excellent shape!

So - if you want a basket like this - go visit Baskets by Dawn!  You can tell her "The Other Dawn" sent you! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting ready for camp!

Camp may not be until September, but I'm busy cutting out things to work on!  Spent today cutting out pieces for 6 mixer blocks!   This quilt is just too cute (!  Can't wait to make it. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Woo hooo! I played today!

Thanks to Tonya from Lazy Girl Quilting and Lynn from Klein Meisje Quilts I started playing with my scraps today.  I have a pile of old fabric left over from quilts I've made in the past, but they are primitive, girly florals, brights, you name it!  So when I saw Tonya's Lego's quilt I liked the idea.  I let it stew in my head some.  What was stopping me was all the different lengths.  I waste way too much time stressing over them!

So when I saw Lynn's version it was just what I needed!  And the constant solid was just what I loved, for a bit of stability!  I also got a ruler to make pineapple blocks at the Chicago quilt show a few weeks ago and that ruler uses the same size strips! So I can start cutting away!

Here are my first few blocks. Of course they will be more scrappy once I get more fabric cut, but I just had to make a few!  Do you like?

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Busy Day

Spent my holiday in the cooool basement finishing some projects!   I finally finished my Bull Run quilt!  And made 2 Christmas tree skirts!  A great completion day for me!

Bull Run is from clothesline quilts:
(Sorry can't link, I'm on my iPad)