Sunday, June 28, 2009

I made a change of sewing plans!

When I was over at some friends house the last weekend with my sister for an unbelievable evening of visiting (we laughed so much!), their 3 little girls had the living room all setup as a nursery for their bitty babies. It was so cute I couldn't resist making them some doll quilts this week while I was here. I delivered them today and they just LOVED them! You should have seen the 3 yr old rocking her baby all wrapped up in its new quilt (in the 90 degree weather)! Anyway, I thought they turned out pretty good considering I only had my featherweight with me so layers of flannel and batting didn't feed through the foot easily! Each one was slightly different so they could tell them apart, but alike enough so there were no fights!

Also made a few more fabric purchases. Last year my mom asked if I would make a quilt for my brother, which he LOVED. Well his wife has been joking with her all year "when am I going to get my quilt?"! So we went shopping for a pattern and fabrics for her this year. We decided on a pattern called Kitty Kitty (I have no idea why) and I guess she loves lavendar. So we got all this beautiful lavendar fabric for it. I also found some adorable christmas border fabric for some table runners for xmas gifts!

My sister and her family got home last night and today we took my mom to a new candlelight dinner theater to see Oklahoma. It was wonderful and the food was just as good! I had never gone to a dinner theater so that was fun. And of course Oklahoma just makes you tap your foot! The talent was amazing! The 3 of us had a wonderful time - yes we kept husband and kids at home! This was a girls day out! I"ll be sad to leave on Tues! It has been a very relaxing week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quick peek at my project

So here is a quick peek at my project I"m working on at my mom's house! Isn't it awesome!

When Holly was a young girl she always loved my mom's figurines she had on her wedding cake. (They are now 49 years old!) Anyway when mom moved out east she was going to throw them away and Holly said "no, I want them on my wedding cake". So she boxed them up and labeled the box. Mom brought the box out east figuring by the time Holly grew up she wouldn't want them. Well the other day Holly asked if I could get them out while I'm at mom's house. My sister in law is going to repaint the colors and give the girls new dresses to match Holly's wedding colors! My mom is still surprised she really wants them! And let me tell you, these are plaster figures, not the cheap plastic stuff they have these days!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A shopping we will go!

Just got back from my most favorite quilt store in Delaware - Lil Country Shoppe! Look at all the goodies I got! Repro fabrics and wonderful plaids on the sale tabel for $3.50 a yard! Also picked up some valdani floss and a cute little wool mat kit!

Yes I snuck a few black fabrics at full price in the pic! I always have to get blacks when I see them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wedding Quilt Continues

Yup, it continues. I"ve now got 2 of 9 sections done. At this rate I might get it done for their 5th anniversary!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I finished another Winter Wonderland block! 3 small ones done - a million (or so it seems) to go! But I did draw out the biggest block with the verse and music on it and got it basted this weekend to take to mom's to work on! That will feel good to have that one done!

Thats all - been way too busy for much else! Well ok, I did get these little beauties done for a secret project I"ve been working on. Hopefully when I get back from mom's I"ll be able to share with you the results! (and yeah - it is a bad picture - like I said, I've been busy and I just clicked one quick!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little Quilt

Look at the little quilt top I got done! Now if I just can get it quilted for summer use!

Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time know I always go to my mom's house in June for a week and half and take along my featherweight and some putsy project. Well here you go - triangles and strips this year! Stay tuned for what it will be!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

OK is a long way from Northern IL!

We made it down to OK with no incidents. We left about 9am and didn't get there until about 1am. It was a long day! But we had 4 drivers with the 2 vehicles. We got Holly all moved into her new apartment and then Emily and I flew home the next day. Wheh I was tired! I got to see the St. Louis arch, although it was rainy when we went through there. And we had to stop in Vinita, OK at the one time - World's Largest McDonalds. Nothing too exciting, but it was 10pm and we just needed a stretch. It no longer is the largest since some other countries also claim the largest and there is also another one in Orlando that makes that claim. But the one we stopped at did have a small display about Will Rogers.

I got some more table runners done! This one is for Holly.

And my sister's.

And a small one for my mom's kitchen counter and some mat's made from the leftover triangles!

And look at the tiny birds who flew away the day we got home.