Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Elm Creek Quilter's Christmas Book!

Did you know that Jennifer Chiaverini has a new book coming out end of October/Beginning of November! It will be an extra book this year! The name is "The Christmas Quilt" and it will take place the Christmas in between the 1st and 2nd books!

I attended a lecture with Jennifer last week at the WI Quilt Expo and it was wonderful! We got to hear the first chapter of the book read by Jennifer and see many of the quilts from her books!

So the picture today is the quilt that is from "The Christmas Quilt" book! Isn't it lovely! It wasn't quilted yet, but was still beautiful!

Life at work and home has been busy, busy, busy so I only had time for a short note again today.

1 comments from wonderful readers:

Granny said...

That quilt is very beautiful! I love Christmas quilts! Thanks for the heads up on the new book.

Judy L.