Friday, September 16, 2005

Madison Quilt Show and Fall Moon

I finished the top of my fallmoon wall hanging! I"m so happy with it! I"m going to sandwich it and start hand quilting it soon!

I went to the Madison Quilt Expo yesterday and went to 2 lectures that were wonderful. The first one was by Jennifer Chiavarini about her new book that is to come out beginning of November! It takes place at Christmas time and occurs between the first and second book. Jennifer was such a delightful person and speaker. She is very funny and relaxed. We also got to see some of the quilts from her books! They were just too cool! The other lecture was by Carol Butzke and was about Women's Lives from 1850-1950. The feathered star quilt is antique feathered star from the1800's from the lecture yesterday. It was an awesome lecture and about 40 quilts. They were to die for! You should have seen the quilting on them - so heavy and beautiful. I captured pics as fast as I could, but to cram all thatin an hour the quilts moved fast! I"ll load pics of all of them next week when I"m at work on the LAN instead of my dial up at home on my webshots.

AND - I bought a Hinterburg floor stand/hoop for hand quilting! Igot 10% off of it for a show special, no tax because it is shippingto IL (show was in WI) and no shipping! I'll have it Wed or Thurs! I'm so excited! I came home tired but happy! Only bummer of the day - no pics of the show quilts were allowed -now is that a major bummer or what! I was so dissapointed.

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Gotta love quilt shows! Even though they are not much like what I make myself, I LOVE antique quilts! Jen

Joanne said...

Your fallmoon quilt is cute! Shouldn't take long to quilt it either! Are you going to wait for the Hinterberg first?! My friend has a one and loves it -- always has a quilt in it to work on at night.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

WEeee on the hoop frame! I think they definately are necessary furniture :c) The little autumn quilt is coming along so nice. It has NOT been a quilting week for me and I'm going through withdrawls! But only 8 more weeks of school, so I keep plugging on!

I love the 1800's feathered star. Always wanted to do one. I have one block..and it's sat by itself as an orphan for ever..maybe that would be a good one to get back to!