Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sad, sad night

Well it was a sad, sad night for me! No sewing! sniff sniff.

I had guild meeting last night and had hoped to at least see some good show and tell, but it was our new year meeting so we had elections, pot luck supper, voting for the next quilt shows raffle quilt and all the talk about help for some of the refugees coming to our area needing quilts.

So I had to leave at 9pm to pick up my daughter from Marching Band practice and missed show and tell. And had no time to sew at home - sniff sniff some more.

BUT - I did find some awesome fabric on my way home for my girls bricks and stepping stones quilt and got some plain black to finish off the 4 patches! So I can work on that this weekend! That was exciting.

So just a quick hello for now, I spent some time at the high school this morning hopefully taking care of things with my son. It was a good morning, but now I'm behind at work.

Just wanted to check in!

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