Friday, September 09, 2005

Sometimes Simple Says a Lot....

I went to the NSQG (Northern Suburbs Quilt Guild) (northern from Chicago) quilt show tonight and what a feast for the eyes. In our area there tend to be a lot of artsy quilts. I can admire the art and the colors, and even the creativeness of them, but my eyes are always drawn to the simple more traditional quilts. And I love those earthy colors.

Sometimes the simple ones just say so much more to me. I think back to those days when quilts were a staple of life and meant warmth, home, family and love. This little quilt was simple in design, and wasn't large, just a small wall hanging, but it hung proud and did draw my eyes to it. And when I read the notes about it, I could see it was made with love - even if it didn't end up where it was suppose to go! :)

Just wanted to share this quick pic with you. I took 146 pictures! Yes I am a quilt picture junkie. But I"ll have to load them all on Monday when I have the high speed internet. If I do it from home with the dial up I'll probably still be on loading come Monday! Maybe I'll share a few more over the weekend!

2 comments from wonderful readers:

Joanne said...

I like the simple ones best, too, Dawn. I'm drawn to the plain, one or two blocks, the old blocks that have been around forever. I like the scrappy look of quilts made with the old fabrics -- even the quilter ran out of one fabric, she substituted with another, "Make do, Use up, Do without!". The art quilts are spectacular -- but also not in my abilities! The plain ones are the ones I like to make -- and that's what it's all about for me -- enjoying the process!

Finn said...

I want to be the "AMEN" choir for Joanne today..*VBG* I am in harmony with both of you. Through the ages, in various settings, there have been the quilts done for "show"..before "art" quilts were what they are now, it was the plantation owners having heirloom quilts on their beds, but more often than not, they were done by house slaves and the mistress took the credit.
I think the art element will remain, but fortunately, the quilt as a comfort giver, for warmth and color is the foundation of ALL of them.

We no longer need to make them as "fast as we can, to keep our family from freezing"..but the "beautiful as I can, to keep my heart from, breaking" is still true all these years later.