Monday, September 05, 2005

A Little Progress

I"ve made a little progress today. I got the back pieced. Not too exciting for fabrics, but used up some big chunks of things I'll never use and the colors went with the front - so hey, it worked! Course now it has to get quilted - yuck.

And I have 3 rows of the bricks and stepping stones quilt done! It looks so awesome! Some little girl is going to love this one! But I ran out of units, so have to make some more. And I don't have a lot black left so I may have to work on this some more later in the week after I get some more black fabric!

But at least I cleaned out a bit of my stash and made some progress on charity quilts. I always have to be in the right mood to do it. Not that I don't like making charity quilts, but I always dread the quilting so I don't do as many as I"d like!

It is beautiful day out today, so I think I"ll take a break and go upstairs and be lazy for a bit!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Tracey said...

You are doing great, girlie!! I wish I had the stash that some have....mine is pitifully small even after 14 years of quilting. Going to have to work on that. ;o)

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Whooooowhoooo!!! It is an AWESOME quilt for a kid in those colors/fabrics! Isn't it great working with stuff that isn't our 'normal' primitive passion? This is wonderful!

I also love getting rid of stuff using up big pieces in backs. The one I did today used three different big pieces, but they were all blue backgrounded with yellow flowers so they KINDA go? :c)


Finn said...

I love this one..good job on the top and the backing. Should make someone very, very happy. Maybe you have to compromise and have someone else quilt them for you??*VBG*