Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday's Star

Well one more star for Finn!!! (Partly because I have been sooooo busy at work I just don't have time to write this week) :)

This quilt I designed my own pattern in EQ5 and it is quilted kind of like the one from yesterday with micro stippling and some feathers, but in a different design. But because the fabric is a tone on tone floral it is hard to get a good picture of the quilting. I designed this so you could make this lone star with no set-in seams - I hate set-in seams! I taught this at a reatreat a few years ago for a quilt shop.

Well my weekend begins in a about an hour! My mom and sister are flying in from Delaware to visit for the weekend. We are originally from here (very northern IL) but my sister moved to DE for work and a few years ago my mom decided she needed a change and thought my sister's kids should get more grandma time now that my kids were older, so she moved out to DE and built a house next door to my sister! Anyway she is coming back for her 50 year HS reunion and my sister is coming to help her on the plane and driving and stuff. So I'm so excited to have alone time with my sister! Usually I go to DE but she has a handicapped daughter so we don't often get time alone! It will only be for a short weekend, but I am taking Friday off work to spend tomorrow with them.

And thank you all for your comments on my quilting. I've taken several classes from Diane Gaudynski which really helped. Also have her book and that inspires me! I'm very lucky to live only about an hour from where she lives so get to hit a lot of local classes with her! I'll never be anywhere close to her skill - but it has improved what I can do a thousand fold!

Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to take a picture of my MOST FAVORITE star quilt that I just got back from the quilters about 2 weeks ago! It is so fun! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Joanne said...

Have a wonderful time this weekend, Dawn.
Love your star design.

Finn said...

Another great star Dawn, thank you..*VBS* I look forward to seeing the one that comes next..*G* Have a great weekend!

Darcie said...


Your Star quilt is amazing! I love your color scheme...striking, indeed!

I had the wonderful opportunity to scribe for Diane this past MN Quilters Show in Duluth. Fantastic woman! Just a word of encouragement for you...Diane may be your mentor, but she is not the "magic in your fingers, you are!" Keep up the wonderful work!


Quiltgranny said...