Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Star Like Baby Quilt

I was going to show you all this anyway, but it happens to also be kind of like a star! It is a sunburst that I just put in my "sunshine on my shoulder" quilt recently, but I turned this one into a baby quilt! Aren't the colors just too sweet!

It will go to my next great-niece (if it is a girl) who will be born in Oct. If it turns out to be a boy - oh well - back to the drawing board! :) I already have 4 great-nieces so it would be really nice if it were a boy!

2 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Oh Dawn, I like it ! Such a neat way to do those two corners also. Very pretty !

Quiltgranny said...

I like it too, and I love the corners as well! It's so nice to see something a little different to give it a pizzaz!