Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Xmas Wool Mat Finished!

Well I finished my Christmas wool table mat this weekend also! Just been too busy to post! So here you go - isn't it really fun!

The fun part of wool is you don't have to turn under or finish any edges - I like that part!

Now to find the perfect place to put it!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Sarah said...

Dawn -

I love the wool mat - especially the buttons around the edge! Thanks for sharing!


Tonya R said...

Looks great, Dawn. Still love the design on the ornament.

Carolyn said...

Now to find the perfect place to put it!
posted by Dawn at 5:44 AM on Dec 07 2005

I think I know the perfect my house!!! It's beautiful!

Sharon said...

Hmmm, the perfect place to put it would be here at my house. Mayve Carolyn and I could share it? LOL!

Love the buttons, but I still love the snowflakes on rhe ornament the best!

Finn said...

Your christmas mat looks wonderful Dawn,high five for getting it done in time for this year! I may be able to claim that distinction some of these years...LOL

I love the look of it, and it seems to be in sync with your other quilts colors..*VBS* Love the whimsey of the buttons!

Nines said...

Oh, Dawn! How wonderful! I love wool work- but have never done much, myself. This one is very Maverick and untraditional and that is what I love about it! I also loved the chickens- what an adorable flock!