Saturday, October 29, 2005

My very first Quilt - Inspired by Aunt Mary

Here is my first quilt ever - a log cabin. Of course made with dress fabrics from JoAnne Fabrics, except for the center white squares which were my Grandma’s old sheets (Aunt Mary’s sister).

Ever since I was a young girl and had the beloved Aunt Mary's quilt I wanted to make quilts. But no one close to me quilted - by the time I was old enough Aunt Mary had died.

Anyway, in 1978 while I was in High School I took a Home Ec class that did all different kinds of needlework. So we finally got to the quilt unit! Our assignment was to make a log cabin pillow! Well me wanting to make a real quilt couldn't stop at the pillow! So I made the whole quilt while the rest of the class struggled with just getting a pillow done! :) We weren't allowed to work on the project at home - for fear our mom's would do it for us I guess (that is a laugh, no way my mom was going to!). So I spent hours after school in the home ec rooms. Finally when it got close to the due date the teacher finally broke down and let me take it home a few nights once I was hand sewing the back flaps down (this was kind of like a quilt as you go type log cabin). I was 2 days late with the assignment.

The funny thing is I got a 98% on the project. 2 points off, one for each day I was late! While there were girls who hadn't even finished their pillows! Course I was very type A at that point so was so upset at 98%! Now I laugh about it!

But that got me going, and the rest is history!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Neat quilt Dawn! What a big undertaking for a home ec class! I am impressed at your desire to make a quilt. Glad you did, and glad you kept it going!! Do be writng some of these stories down somewhere...*VBS*

Darcie said...

What a great story Dawn! I love hearing how "it all started back when..." stories!

And the quilt looks great...I'd never know it's ;-) "ancient!" LOL Totally joking here, Dawn!!!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Well Darcie - it is ancient! Won't be long and they will consider it an antique! :)