Sunday, February 19, 2006

The 2 that got away!

Well here are the 2 blocks that got away! I put them with leftovers of some of the fabrics on the back! Not the best picture but it is late at night and I'm in the basement - but you get the idea!

I"ve had so many questions about this quilt I'll try and answer them, but forgive me if I forget some. My mind is on other things these days. Some of you know and others don't but I'm having teenage son problems and it sounds like it is the normal for a lot of boys - but boy is it hard on mom right now! But thanks for all the kinds words and stories - sounds like there is hope, even if it might take 10 years to get there. And another thing I haven't mentioned is my mom went in the hospital last week for kidney failure. So I've been holding tight waiting to see what is up. She is out east with my sister, so my sister has been keeping me updated. It is a long story why, but basically my sister thinks she is lonely and just isn't working too hard to live. Darci (my sister) finally got her to agree to the dialysis and she was doing a bit better. She has convinced my mom she needs to be around to see her first child graduate from 8th grade and get confirmed this spring. So whatever it takes. Mom kept telling Darci not to let me come out while she was in the hospital so I haven't left yet. But I guess she finally broke down today and asked if I could come out when she gets home to take care of her for awhile. So even talking about coming home is a good sign! Anyway, in case I dissapear suddenly - don't worry - you know where I went.

Well talk about getting off track. Back to the liberated log cabins. The quilt top is approx 40" x 46". A bit will be trimmed off the borders once I'm done with it, I wanted a little extra on for quilting this one. Lucy wanted to see some of the fabrics closer up, so I tried to take some closeup pictures, they are ok, once again basement light!

Lilly asked how I determine when I hand vs machine quilt! Well - it mostly depends on my mood! But I don't have much time with working full time and a long commute, and 4 teenagers - so I only hand quilt special things and/or things I think I can finish by hand! I also don't have a long arm, so how I quilt things also depends on size and complexity. So some stuff I do send out to longarmers. I love how this quilt turned out, but with all the seams there was no way I would ever be able to hand quilt it (plus I'm working on a big one right now). So I"m going to machine quilt this one myself - it isn't that big. I've teased Darcie (not my sister Darci) that I'm keeping what I'm doing a secret so I can't tell you quite yet. I just hope it works out! OK, does that cover most of the questions? Not sure but it is about all my mind can handle for right now! Toodles everyone!

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Cher said...

will hold good thoughts about your mom! It is really hard when it all seems to come down at once...keep taking deep breaths and know that quilting is there for you when you can find time :-)

Patti said...

Sending prayers for your mother's recovery. What a tough time for you. And boys - what makes them so hard? My daughter was a delight to raise but my son and I were at loggerheads most of the time once he left babyhood. Both of us have definite controlling personalities, and that doesn't make for a smooth relationship! Just keep saying to yourself "this too shall pass". I promise - it will.

Finn said...

Oh Dawn, sooo sorry there is yet more to add to life's stress. I'll add your mom to my prayers and hope that you don't need to "disappear". I know how hard that would be.

The backing for the liberated log cabins is just wonderful, very, very intereesting..*VBS* And I think with that many seams, both top and backing, machine quilting is a good idea. I don't think hand quilting would show up much unless it was very dense. Good call on your part I'd say..! Hugs for everything, Finn

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Those fabrics and colors are wonderful - and I see some very tiny pieces in there. Love it.

I will be thinking of you and your family during this time.



Lily Mulholland said...

Dawn love your logic on the machine v hand quilting :)

Sorry to hear about your mum's health problems. It's very hard when you're far away. I'm glad your sister lives close to your mum.

Wow I didn't realise how crazy this quilt was until you gave us the close-up view. That is exquisitely intricate. What a masterpiece!

Lucy said...

even the backing is so GREAT !

Holly said...

Prayers said for your mom, you, and teenage problems :) I love the fabrics and colors in this quilt - soothing and warm. Very pretty.

YankeeQuilter said...

Your quilt-top is just too fun. I love looking through the photos and finding fabrics I know are hidden somewhere in my stash!

Sons are tough...I got through 3 stepsons and earned lots of grey hairs in the process. They all turned out fine but it was one heck of a time getting there! Lots of deep breaths, chocolate and big bottles of Lysol.

You and your family are in my prayers.