Friday, November 17, 2006

A Lazy Friday - tying up loose ends

Well it is just one of those days to tie up loose ends. I don't feel like doing much of anything. I think mostly because I've been so busy at work the last few weeks and I'm finally seeing only normal workloads finally that I"m just taking today to be lazy! In fact I'm treating myself to working from home. So I"m sitting here looking out at the grey cold November day in my shorts, drinking my diet coke!

I got a really fun email today from Andrea in Wales. She is having a wet windy day over there too and just didn't feel like doing housework (well that one I never feel like doing) and nothing in her quilt room struck her to work on. So she dug out the instructions for the fabric canisters and made a cat one! The picture is above - isn't is adorable! I love those faces on the cats and the lining fabric is wonderful! She said now she wants to make more for gifts and is thinking of making one for her daughter with handles to put makeup in for a small xmas gift! She doesn't have a blog yet, but enjoys all of ours and may start one after Christmas. I hope so! I told her to make sure to send me pics of any others that she makes. They are so cute.

A lot of you are really wondering what in the world that blue tape on my quilt is doing there! Patti thought maybe it was holding pieces together! Well you see I have this sweet little stinker dog. The only thing she chews on and likes in our house is my quilt stuff! Good taste huh! So I couldn't leave the pieces laying out, so I numbered them with the tape so I could pick them up! Above is a picture of Chloe with her favorite glow-in-dark ball and the bean bag chair she stole from my husband!

So here are 2 more pics of the Horse Featherers quilt. I got the corner blocks on and the ceneter sewn. Last night I took the time to put the thin light border around it! I already have the pieces borders sewn (did that on retreat) so tonight I"ll get those on and this one will be done! Well ok, the top will be done!

Off to do some work, someone just tracked me down at home!

10 comments from wonderful readers:

Anonymous said...

Horsefeathers is turning out lovely! The canister is cute. Is it covering something stiff, or is the fabric somehow stiffened?

Laurie Ann said...

Chloe is so cute! I love her grey speckles. Be sure to post pictures of her once and awhile. She's great! Roo will steal anything he can get his mouth on. I have to watch him like a hawk!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Oooooh! I love the horse feathers blocks!! It's GREAT..i'm thinking mmmmmmmmmmmmmore men's shirts plaids in my stash...could be...could be....*dreaming*


Patti said...

Good for you! It feels like a lazy day here too. I'm going to do my best to head home early.

ForestJane said...

Your horsefeathers block looks great. Was the feathered star easier or more difficult than you thought it would be?

Sweet P said...

The fabric canister is adorable. Where did she find the pattern? I can think of a few people on my list who would enjoy those canisters.

I love the colors in your horsefeathers block.

Anonymous said...

The cat canister is very cute - your friend should definitely start a blog!

Horse feathers is looking g o o d!

Darcie said...

Andrea's canister is darling. The fabric is too fun!

Love your work in progress! So many crisp, sharp pointy points, Dawn!!! Your work is incredible.

Chloe! Perhaps she wants to start quilting? Border collies are pretty smart, you know! (That is what she is, isn't it?)

Lucy said...

OOhh I want to make a canister too :-)))

and the horsefeather Looks perfect and so cozy withe these colors !!!!!!!!

MARCIE said...

Love that scrappy Horse Feathers. Who thinks of these names???