Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank you for being a Friend

Yup, this is going to be one of my least favorite Christmas' I think. I"m in a funk. I've been sick since Thanksgiving which of course I've now missed all the pre-xmas decorating, shopping and "stuff". Of course I've gotten better, but I'm just so tired and still not on my feet - say nothing of this rash now that is driving me crazy!

And santa isn't having any fun either. Our 4 kids all had one item that they each really wanted. Something expensive - so since they are older and are beyond toys, and the girls like to shop for clothes and stuff on their own now, we told them they could each get their 1 thing, but then that was all for xmas. And they were all things they needed earlier so they have them already! So now there is no santa fun! I think mom is having a harder time than they are about it!

Then my teenage son who "knows everything" and in general hates us all, refused to come home from college for Christmas. He wanted to stay at school and sit around and play video games and didn't want to deal with us. So I"m having my first "no child Christmas" blues, especially since it isn't that he can't come home - he just doesn't want to come home. It breaks my heart and I kept hoping he would, but Holly (my oldest he lives with at school in an apartment) couldn't get him to come. So I'm just a bit blue there.
Yes this is all leading somewhere! So anyway last night was my small sewing group. I was just kind of tired and bummed, but thought maybe a night of laughs would do me good. And I just knew they all had presents for each other - but I just didn't have time or the energy to do anything yet, so I kind of didn't want to go! Well I went and what would we all do without friends! I came home feeling a bit relaxed and having some good laughs, good food and lovely presents. I guess presents can always brighten a day! So eventually I'll get my presents for them made, and I'll survive the holiday - but for now...

Thank you for being a Friend!

The top picture is a bag my friend Nan made for each of us. It is made with strips of fabric and sewn this really fun funky way to make it twist. Of course we had to spend some time using scrap fabrics and having her show us how to do it! :) And then below that is what she had inside for each us! Talk about fun! Oh and there was some coffee in there also, but that is already out!

Then my good friend and "kid supporter" (she has grown sons so she is always there for a hug - been there, done that type of thing) gave us each a piece of this awesome hand dyed fabric from Alaska and these AWESOME jars! Her husband loves doing woodworking so she had him make these for us! He found and used an old branch in their backyard and took the bark off and finished it and then hand turned the jar and knob and made this little "jar" out of it - now is that now cool or what! I teased her what was even better was she got her husband to make her gifts! Like Mark would ever do that!

Barb gave us each these cute little VERY LITTLE pieced stars from Thailand. They are courtship baubles. On New Years the single girls twirl these around their finger and let them fly into the crowd of young men. The lucky young man who catches it may ask permission from her parents to "court" her. I think I have that right - I was so tired last night when I read it!

And last by not LEAST by any means was my small quilt from Julie! I've been drooling over this quilt since she made it! Unfortunately I was tired and couldn't get good light or a still hand to get a good picture for you. So it is stuck down here at the bottom. I promise I will take a better picture for you. Anyway, Julie has been practicing all kinds of fancy and small quilting on her machine. She has been making all these little quilts for practice. You should see them! And she has played with fabric types and different threads. Well this one is a dark true black with these cool curving lines on the outside and then a feather in the middle with the little pebble like circles around it and then micro-stippling around that in black. And the quilting is done in this gorgeous jewel toned varigated thread! I usually do not like varigated thread at all - but on here oh my gosh it is gorgeous! And then the bobbin thread is this gorgeous, gorgeous green - and you know how I like green! I teased Julie that I like the back as much as the front! So I promise I will get a better picture of this to share.

And tomorrow I will share picture of that dreaded hiding block!

12 comments from wonderful readers:

Katie said...

Hope sharing with all your blogger friends has helped. That's what we are here for. Put on some music and let your child play with your angel again. What a nice memory. Hugs, Katie

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gifts - I am glad that you were cheered up a bit! And next year - make your kids wait until Christmas for their presents and don't let them pick them out - if you think that would make you feel any better? Fortunately for me, my son is just 3 1/2 and Christmas is so magical for him... but I know his teenaged years will eventually come.

Hang in there - play Santa to yourself and stuff a stocking for you and DH together with gift certificates and silly goodies - you might start a new tradition in your house!



Laura said...

Dawn - You know you are loved by all your friends, so hang in there and think of all of us wrapping those good thoughts around you everytime you feel down! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad your night turned out well! The handdyed piece is absolutely stunning... makes me want to start dyeing again!

And the quilted thready... very beautiful. At my first glance, I was wondering how she put such tiny pieces together - nope, it's pretty thread! :)

Anonymous said...

What great gifts to help get you in the holiday spirit. I love the idea of making little quilts that are quilting practice pieces. Quilters are just so clever.

Anonymous said...

Kids are growing up and think they can do without us. It is hard, but you will learn to deal with it. I think when christmas is there he will regret not being home with you.
What lovely things you got from your friends. Hope they did cheer you up a bit. Hugs from me. Internet friends are always there for you.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool little quilty gifts!

Sorry about your son, but he'll grow out of his angst... then in a few years you can tease him and make him feel guilty about this year.

Lucy said...

Sorry to read all your blues...
But it is so good to read about your friends !!and don't forget that we are your friend too:-))
Hang in there!

Tonya Ricucci said...

So sorry it's been a rough holiday season. Glad your friends are there to give you hugs in person as well as some sweet gifts. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I can relate, neither of my sons can come home for Christmas, and my daughter & SIL just left yesterday for Florida to spend a week there with my folks. This will be the first Christmas with just my husband and I.
It sounds like you have some great friends, the gifts they made you are wonderful! I hope you have a merry Christmas despite everything that's been wrong so far.

Anonymous said...

So fun to see and hear about your gifts from your special quilt friends. (Love the story about the Thai courtship bauble...very cool.)

So sorry that your son is acting out like this. I'll send him a prayer. Keep your chin up, Mom! He'll find his way.

Finn said...

Hi Dawn, sorry you've been having such a bad time...sending lots of hugs, friendship, and Maverick love. I know you'll get through this..we always do, but it's hard being lower than snakehips...I know, personally.
The time with your stitchin' sisters sounds just what you needed with or without presents..*VBS* About the absent son, it's something you have to learned to deal with, giving them enough room to grow and make choices we don't like. Wrap him in love in your head and heart, and carry on without him..*VBS* He knows the door is always open. Big special hugs, Finn
P.S. so glad you found the block!!