Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I"ve been Tagged....

I've been tagged by Darlene and May Britt with the Thinking Blogger Award. Oh sure - make me think! Come on Darlene - you know I don't think too hard on anything!!!! Your really going to make me think huh! Geez. And of course Darlene's and May Britt's blogs are a given, so I didn't include them below.

I"m suppose to share with you 5 of my favorite blogs that make me think. I"m not even going to say my favorite 5 - how in the world could anyone pick 5 favorites! There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and so many inspirational blogs for quilting that it would be impossible! So I'm just going to say 5 of my favorite - but note there are tons more I visit everyday. Well ok, at least every other day!

1) Lucy - There is no way I cannot mention Lucy. She is my idol! I want to be her when I grow up. I wish I had 1/2 as much talent as this lady! And she can speak 2 languages! I can't hardly even speak English most of the time! She has got to be the sweetest lady around. And talented, and caring, and smart, and.... well the list goes on. And I envy her hand quilting and quilts. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't email or at least think of her.

2) Bonnie - And who can not mention Bonnie! Bonnie is my other idol! I want to be Bonnie when I'm not Lucy! Or is that I want to be Lucy when I'm not Bonnie? Anyway, this lady has so much energy and kindness. And the inspiration I get from her quilts and quilting - ughh it is all to die for. If I was only 1/2 as creative as she is! And Bonnie is the one who got me blogging and introduced me to Lucy - so thanks to her my days are filled with quilty happiness.

3) Libby - Oh my gosh! Her folk art/primitive style is so wonderful! I just love her quilts! And she has just been a bad influence on me ever since I found her blog. Everytime she shows a new quilt (or even old one) I start thinking away on "how can I fit that one into my schedule"! I HAVE to make that! I just love her stuff.

4) Patti - I've "known" Patti online for years before I began blogging. So we kind of go back online. Oh to have her stash and quilting skill. To be able to applique like the wind like this lady - baby. She does wonderful quilts and always is an inspiration. And I can't help but love hearing about her loving family. I only hope my kids still want to see me and spend time with me when they grow up like her family! Patti has a wonderful love of family and life that is a true inspiration.

5) Laura - And saved for last, not because she is last on my list but because she is special, my good friend Laura. I've known Laura maybe even longer than Patti online. And we had the wonderful opportunity to meet last year and I've made trips down there and spent time with her friends ever since. They have become my support and fun and in the quilting world. And Laura is another "Cool Mom". Oh to have the family traditions she has, and to be able to have a way with words like she does. She is one AMAZING WOMAN. And don't forget her quilts. I got to know her originally because I loved her work. Can I say inspiration again? I just don't know how to put it otherwise! She is having a hard time right now with illness in her family, and I just wish there was more that I could do. I'm hoping things are ok and I'll get to see her again in 2 weeks for our Paducah trip. We have all had these types of times, and I guess all we can do is be there when someone needs you.

Personally I think since I got twice I should be able to do more! But I'll keep this fairly short and just list a few more totally creative and wonderful women. (Can I get away with that?):

Tonya - Her quilting style and colors are so far removed from mine, that I enjoy dabbling with her style and love her wild and carefree quilts. I would NEVER be as creative as her.
Linda - Another partner in crime from the group of Quilter's I met with Laura. She is one fun lady! And great quilter too!
Tazzie - Another wonderful friendly lady and quilter. I've so enjoyed my emails with her, and her quilts and posts.
Jeanne - I've known Jeanne online for several years also before blogging. And oh the quilts and things she can turn out! I'm so in awe!
Nancy - One more quilter I've known for years online before blogging. Nancy lives the charmed life in the wilderness of Montana. She always has a great story and pictures of her life there. And her primitive/folk art style of quilting was probably one of the things that got me interested in this form of quilting. And if I ever need a laugh, her husband will always provide a good story from her!
Judy - I've met Judy fairly recently via blogging, but once again, she is always making something I want to do! And I've enjoyed my emails with her. I always have to stay on top of what she is doing.
Leah - I'm so inspired by this young quilter! Man if I could have done 1/2 of what she does when I was that age! And she bakes too! I always find something fun on her blog, and enjoy her family adventures. She gets the "Young Quilter of the Year" from me! I couldn't believe she wasn't a lot older! Way to go!

Man - is that sappy and wordy enough for you all? You know I'm not a polished or creative writer. More just whatever pops out. Hope some of you find some new blogs to enjoy above. And for those of you who know I visit almost everyday, I'm sorry I couldn't list 50+ blogs, because you are all wonderful!

7 comments from wonderful readers:

Leah Spencer said...

Aww! Thanks for mentioning me Dawn. :) I really enjoyed reading about those wonderful ladies.

Darlene said...

Wow, I was stunned to visit your blog and see my quilt top. Thanks so much, Dawn!

Everyone you "tagged" is incredibly inspirational - that's why blogging is so much fun.

Tanya said...

Now that was an educational blog! It took me a long time to check out all the links and I was thrilled to find some that I count as my favorites too and of course some new ones I had to put on a visit again list. Sigh... I can see that I'm going to spending even more time reading blogs everyday !

Juliann in WA said...

what a nice way to honor your friends - the quilts these ladies make really are inspirational

Holly said...

Dawn, you *are* a creative writer! You make me laugh and smile. Your personality, wit, and humor shine through your writing and makes the reader feel like they really know the person behind the blog. Okay, who's sounding sappy now? haha. I loved this post.

sewprimitive karen said...

OH my oh my I love that snow photo although I'm sorry for everybody who had trouble driving in it. I've done my share of driving completely off a snowy road when I lived in that climate, my home climate, AH the nostalgia! Loved your post and I want to be Lucy when I grow up too or in my next life or whatever lol.

Quilterin said...

Hi Dawn! I also tagged you with this award. Thanks so much for inspiring work! Lots of greetings from Austria ELKE http://quilterin2006.blogspot.com/