Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is she up to now?

Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know I tend towards folk-art/primitive style and 1800's reproduction for sure. Well ever now and then I do something way out of the box for me! The above project is one. Look at those fabrics! They are hurting my eyes! But I love the colors and designs and the recepient I know is going to LOVE it! When I asked M what her favorite colors were she answered Green and Orange. I was floored. How was I going to make an easy green and orange quilt for this young lady! Well I saw this fabric in a magazine and knew it was "it"! Finding a pattern is easy since I wanted a simple design and pieces large enough to show the fabrics. So stay tuned to how it turns out!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I finished some coasters for Holly. She had seen the ones I made my sister and fell in love with them. So I had to make her some.

Then I finally finished some more clothespin dresses! I owed Holly one, and the other one is going to a very special friend. I can't wait until she gets it in the mail! I threw in 2 other surprises too for her - so I hope she likes! Holly's has a hole in the bottom of the bag - she is going to use it to store plastic bags in and then you can pull out the bag out of the bottom of the dress!

9 comments from wonderful readers:

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Love the colors and the clothes pin dresses are so cute. That is a good idea for a bag holder too.

sossy said...

Those look awesome. Maybe I'll pull out that pattern for at Miss Mary's

Lori said...

It is fun to work "out of the box" every now and then. Love the fabrics and the other finishes!!
Happy New Year!

Marga (MarPie) said...

I totally understand your need to do sometimes somthing totally different.
I am curious what you wil make of them.
Have a happy healthy new year to you and your loved ones.


julieQ said...

I bought some Kaffe prints this year...totally foreign to anything in my stash! Love your clothspins bags...very cute. Happy new Year!

Jan said...

That is definitely out of the box for you...can't wait to see what you do. Happy New Year!

Janet said...

You're still making great gifts. I love the coasters and the clothespin bags and what a great idea to use them for plastic bags. Have a good time working with the "brights"

Taryn said...

Pretty fabric is pretty fabric. I like what you've chosen and am looking forward to the finished project.

Holly @ Hello Audrey Ruth said...

Can't wait to see that quilt finished!! Thanks for the coasters!! :) And, the other dress you made is awesome too!